Super Backup App Review (For Phone Contacts/Files)

Super backup app can save you the stress! Credits to apps stores and developers for a host of countless helpful third party apps. You probably have one or more of such apps running in your phone right now, and that makes it easier for you to understand what I will be explaining as we journey together in this article, it may be possible that you already know some of the tips am about to share with you right now, nonetheless, you have got some useful and detailed stuff at your fingertips here to learn!

Super Backup App

I have tried and tested super backup app downloaded from the playstore and found it to be effective….at least I can give it a 4.4 star rating from my experience using the app.  Notwithstanding, there are many others you can explore like moborobo and the likes.  I have provided cool graphic images to guide you all through on how to successfully backup all that is important to you.  Note also that you don’t have to wait until something goes wrong or when it’s just too late before you do a backup, it should be something you do occasionally to stay out of trouble.

Steps To Use Super Backup App

  • Download from play store or the likes.
  • Click on the downloaded super backup app icon on home screen. 
  • Locate ‘contact’ and click on it then see how it works!                           

All your contacts will be saved as vcf or vcard [virtual contact file] and you will be able to restore your contact back as you can see in  images below.

super backup app

  • If you would like to back up everything, then you will have to chose backup all option as shown below.

super backup app

  • Once you select your option, the process begins immediately

super backup app

These steps are applicable to every other data you want to backup, e.g pictures, text messages, call logs including all the apps in your phone! that’s great right?  The downside of super backup app is in its inability to restore apps in particular back to your phone automatically because of your phone’s unrooted status….hey don’t panic! never mind because it’s better your  phone stays unrooted and safe. So what you would need to  do to restore your apps in this case is to look for them in your file manager or explorer and install them manually and you are done!

Alternative Backup

To backup only your contacts without using super backup app, just click on contact in your phone’s home screen, click options, select export from phone to sD card and all your contacts will be automatically converted to vcf which you can even upload to your google drive, you can also backup other things in your phone’s internal memory to your memory card if you don’t want to use third party apps as some phones do come with a customized backup app on their home screen that you can also make good use of.

You can as well backup all of your files to google drive if you so wish as this app also has the functionality to do that. It can backup all your files regularly on google drive base on your preferences. Lest I forget, to restore your vcf contact files, just head to file manager on home screen, look for vcf or vcard, click on it and your contacts will be restored like magic… Cheers!

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