13 Tips To Keep Your Phone Running Smoothly

13 Tips to keep your phone running smoothly should be an indispensable treasure.  Over the years, our lives had been revolutionized by the emergence of the I.C.T. [Information Communication Technology]. The constant unveiling of Smart Phones had even made our lives smarter too courtesy of the smart phone technology industry!  Many of us can attest to this fact as we daily reap from its dividends.

Imagine what your day would be like if you were to lose your phone just for a minute!  You would probably lose your mind. That’s what I mean when I say “it’s a part of our lives”! yes, our privacy, our family, our academics, businesses and most especially our social lives. We have been knitted together into our smart phones. Our phones have become our hobby, our companion, our comfort zone and that’s why we have incorporated hot settings to keep them personal aside the 13 tips to keep your phone running smoothly…. In fact the potentials of our phones are unlimited!


I recently saw an advert on the media for a mobile communication device that has the ability to listen to your language as you speak and interpret what you said to your listeners and get what your listeners speak to you interpreted back as a response to whatever you have said: it is called “PLTD” [Portable Language Translation Device] Wow!  What this simply means is that anyone can become and international citizen without the language barrier. Ada health guide chat app is another bomb in the line of AI (artificial intelligence) designed to help with health related issues at the comfort of your home. Big thanks to ICT.

Here Are The 13 Tips to keep Your Phone Off The Hooks!

Haven’t said all that, wouldn’t it be cool if we imbibe the habits that could help us manage this “wonder Devices” in the palm of our hands? Do you realize that some of us had made budgets from our hard earned salaries and wages just to get the smart phones of our dreams? It seems to me like most of us get excited just for a few days or weeks of buying our gadgets and then we make them vulnerable to our disadvantage! Pay attention to these 13 tips to keep your phone running smoothly.      

  • Avoid putting your phone in your chest pocket to avoid it from falling out just in case you have to bend down for something at certain times. Note also that this behavior can result in breast cancer especially for women.13 Tips To Keep Your Phone Running Smoothly
  • Avoid putting phones in your back pocket to prevent damage[s], this is because you could forget and get your hard earned phone damaged when you seat down. Either in your back or front pocket, both are not safe because they can also cause damages in men resulting in low sperm count or certain medically proven deformities in babies from such affected parents.
  • Stop handing your phones to kids to avoid moisture and corrosion from saliva that affects your phone’s USB and charging ports when they put it in their mouth. A kid should have his or her toy phone possibly, right?13 Tips To Keep Your Phone Running Smoothly
  • Get a specific standard charger for your type of phone and stop using just anything that comes your way as chargers do have specifications you need to pay attention to to keep your phones protected from developing  a short-circuit that could “shut’’ it down permanently or cause certain charging issues.13 Tips To Keep Your Phone Running Smoothly
  • Do not charge or keep your phone close to you while you sleep because it’s harmful   to you both.

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  • Avoid putting your phone in a tightly closed place that lacks ventilation so as to  protect your phone from exploding as a result of overheating resulting from electric charge.
  • Replace your phone’s batteries whenever you notice a sign of swelling or  rust/discoloration at the battery positive or negative terminal interface. Most times  when you have a swollen battery, it could cause cracks on your phone’s LCD [screen]!13 Tips To Keep Your Phone Running Smoothly
  • Avoid downloads and installation of suspicious user application as some of these applications can pose serious threat to your phone’s well being. You can also read about 5 Hottest settings on your phone that will amaze you. Avoid opening unsolicited spam mails promising you some free stuff.  Sometimes they say you are a lucky winner of something that is not true….see tips on how to get your email alert setup as they use this means to steal your information and harm you some other ways you least expected!13 Tips To Keep Your Phone Running Smoothly
  • Do not throw your phone at any moment when you are emotionally disturbed as you might end up with a broken phone at last like others did and regretted their actions.
  • Always ensure that you wrap up your phone during a mist or rainy condition so as to avoid moisture damage since water is known for electrical conductivity as opposed to alcohol and a few other non-electric conducting substances.13 Tips To Keep Your Phone Running Smoothly
  • Using your phone without a porch shouldn’t be a fashionable lifestyle. Give it a protective and preferably a rubber pouch.  Pouch protect your phones from screen damages because our phones do fall when we least expected. There are quite a number of quality and fashionable ones at the store. You could save yourself the extra spending for replacement of expensive parts.
  • An anti-break should be indispensable on your list of protection. This will serve as a re-enforcement for your phones’ LCD screen.
  • Do not make or answer calls along the street where there are suspicious robbers as you may lose your phone to them. This is why one need to have a wireless Bluetooth earpiece device so as to a have both safety and convenience of answering a call in unsafe places! An earpiece could sometimes be of help if you notice that your phone also have an earpiece problem that makes it impossible for you to hear callers from the other end. 13 Tips To Keep Your Phone Running Smoothly                          

Did you find these 13 tips to keep your phone running smoothly helpful? Would you like to share in comment below a challenge you had or have with phones to let others know how you tackled it or need some help?

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