Deactivate FRP Protection (Factory Reset Protection)

Learning how to deactivate FRP protection (factory reset protection) is very crucial as it is necessary whenever you consider doing a factory reset for one reason or the other. Now, lets focus on the next line of action as we explore important settings on our phones and see how they can help us save money for repairs….as sometimes the charges are so high that we suddenly get goose bumps due to the harsh economic situation at the moment. 

Deactivate Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Now, you are going to learn about how to deactivate FRP Protection. If you are an android phone user, or you plan on using one or you have someone using android smartphones, this information will be very useful to you. Just in case you have not heard about this, well, FRP will deal with you and in fact frustrate you and make you spend money if you don’t know how to avoid this problem! ha ha ha….Do you realize that security is becoming an issue on daily basis? do you know why exotic phones like Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X and many others landing soon are very expensive? It is because they offer the best inbuilt security that makes it impossible for criminals to breakthrough no matter how they try hard to! Alright, that was by the way.

If you don’t want to be locked out of your android phones, especially the ones running on android version called “Marshmallow” that is android 5.0 up, then you will have to do the following whenever you want to factory set your phone for one reason or the other or you bought an android phone and want to factory set it before going on to use it or something like that.

Steps To Take

  • Go to settings on your phone’s home screen.
  • Look for “Accounts” and click to open.
  • Then you will see all the accounts like Google, Facebook, Whatsapp and Messenger there.
  • Now click on “Google” and click on your “gmail account”
  • Here, you will see your google email and other list like  calendar,  contact etc.
  • Finally, click on those dots (…) at the top right corner of your home screen and click on remove account.

If you don’t remove “gmail account”, before doing a factory reset for all this big phone, you will pay for it well well, so just take care eh! But just in case you have landed into this FRP deep sea, there are helpful ways you can come out of it depending on your type of phone.

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