Phone Earpiece Problem Solution Quick Fix!

Your phone earpiece problem solution is here! Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t hear someone calling you from the other end during a phone call no matter how much your caller screams out loud so you could hear him or her?  The earpiece problem in a mobile phone makes it impossible for a receiver to hear what is being communicated from the callers end.  The problem could among others be caused by any of the following: 

Causes Of Phone Earpiece problem

  1. High/Low resistance value
  2. Oxidation
  3. Bad/partial contact
  4. Short or open circuit
  5. Tampered settings

High/Low resistance value

The resistance value of an ideal earpiece should be within the range of 25 to 35 Ohms using the Ohms meter. A higher value will result in low output while a lower resistance value will result in higher output. Note also that when the output of an earpiece is too high its dangerous to ones hearing. So the earpiece should be kept within range.


This happens when the earpiece region has become moist and covered with some dirty particles over a long period, the chemical reaction result in  a faulty earpiece that has to be changed for normal functioning again. Although there are times that just a mere cleaning of the oxidized surface with alcohol Isopropyl or menthylated spirit using a tooth brush could solve the problem.

Bad/partial contact

An earpiece problem could sometimes be associated with bad contact issues. It could be partially  or even totally disconnected from the earpiece connector or socket. All you will need to do here is to make little adjustment and move on.

Short or open circuit

This is sometimes difficult to sort out as it requires trouble shooting using the multi-meter to find out open or short circuits. Remember that a short is caused either by a bridging or a faulty component like capacitor, a diode, ICs etc while an open circuit is caused by a missing path or a broken path. In solving this problem, all you need is to use your multi-meter to detect the faulty areas around the earpiece region and replace or make wire [jumper] connection as the case may require.

The problem sometimes could be caused by faulty audio IC which needs reheating or replacement with the equivalent value. If the problem is complicated, then you will need to get the block diagram for proper troubleshooting.

Tampered settings

The earpiece problem could sometimes be as a result of a tampered settings. To know if the problem is setting related, just do this trick: try making a call and then locate your volume up button and try increasing the volume, if you see that the volume improves, then the problem is solved!   

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