All Phone Network Problem Solution!

Ever experienced problem with your phone’s network or do you notice that some or most times people keep complaining that your phone is not available or that it is switched off? If this is the case, all you need is a phone network problem solution. You might just be experiencing a phone internal network issue real time, although this might sometimes be due to technical problem from your service provider, but where the case is your phone related, your phone will have to be completely diagnosed for the possible causes and solutions.

How To Tackle All Phone Network Problem Solution

1. Circuit Board Components

In mobile phone repairing, network problem solution and dead phone power related issues have been been known to be one of the most challenging as it consumes a lot of time in troubleshooting the possible faulty paths. In cases that result from faulty components which may include network RF Chip, network switch, network resistors and capacitors and other ICs. When the problem is caused by a short, you will have to remove and replace the shorted component, when it is an open circuit, simply make a jumper using a connection wire. All Phone Network Problem Solution

If all that didn’t work out still, you may consider re-balling the network RF IC or the network switch equally using the rework station. If this doesn’t work, you may still consider replacing all the components if you have where to scavenge from.Samsung Galaxy J7 Phone Networt Solution

2. Phone Network Cables/Casing

There are instances where network problems may arise as a result of a broken network cable. When this occurs, simply replace the cable with a good one or do a jumper as the case may be. In fact sometimes what you may need to do to solve a network or no signal problem might just be to check for bad antenna contact.  The condition or position of the antenna pins or cord cable is crucial as they might cause network fluctuations if they lose firm contact.Sometimes, replacing a  charging sub panel that controls mouthpiece, speaker and vibrator with a new one can also result in network problem. the diagram below and this article on Tecno L8 and other sheds more light on how to do the jumper

Tecno L8 Network Problem Solution

I have also found out that most times phone develop minor network issues when their phone’s casing begins to wear and tear. For example when the screws begin to lose out of place and fall off, your phone network pin loses good contact with the main antenna. This is even applicable to your phone’s FM radio module. Do you realize that some phone will require that you insert and earpiece/earphone before it gets signal and you begin  to hear real audio output.

3. Network Selection Settings

When considering phone network problem solution, it is worth noting that the network settings environment of your phone can also be the reason why network is lost. It is wise to do a manual or automatic network search as doing this also do help in some cases when the problem is coming from that angle. It is best practice to do a network search before embarking on a hardware fix.

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