2019 Foldable Samsung’s Smartphones, Can You Buy It?

Samsung’s move in to the Foldable Smartphone Technology is almost like a dream!  This is in all thought to be a revolution. Come to think of it, of what use will a foldable or bendable phone be? We already are seeing flagship ground breaking phones with almost unimaginable features from the same manufacturer: For example, the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is something to stick around with for sometime or even years to come considering the amazing specifications this phone prides itself with: A 512GB ROM, 8GB RAM and 12+12MP front and 8MP rear powerful cameras. It is also solidly reinforced with a 4000mAh battery, bundled wireless charging technology and water resistance.

Could it be that our curiosity might be the driving force for this move  in a different direction? We seem not to get enough despite all we have been seeing from the best of the best. Could it be the quest for dominance on the part of Samsung? These and many other thoughts are gasping for breath that only Samsung Galaxy X can give ventilation!

What Should We Expect From Samsung Galaxy X?

Samsung seems resolved on rolling out this benchmark foldable Smartphone on a low scale.  This is going to be a “show off” of elegance and luxury as many prospective Samsung’s fans can’t wait to see this dream come true.

The Galaxy x will feature a triple 3.5″ LCD unbreakable polymer embedded display technology.  Whether or not this will be, one thing we can be sure of is that this phone will make history for Samsung or spell doom!

Furthermore, there are speculation that a foldable technology when applied to the Smartphone device might mean an unpleasant situation as the law of diminishing return is likely to catch up fast with it! How true this is will be left to time.  It was also thought that friction is not something to throw in to thin air considering its potential effect! However,  it is clear that we can always expect the best from Samsung considering their impact in the Smartphone industry. A few years back, there was a doom spell about Apple’s phones, but we are now perplexed as to how they keep soaring higher with better smartphones they have been “hitting” the market with!

Samsung Galaxy F (X) Affordability

So many fans might not be able to enjoy the luxury of this 2019 upcoming foldable Samsung Galaxy F or X. It was hinted that Samsung had paid a polymer and chemicals manufacturing company to integrate this in to the phone. The materials will give it its foldability though won’t be much produced due to the limited supply required for the production process. Considering this, it is a clear signal that the phone might be almost impossible for any one on a low budget to lay hands on.

Nonetheless, the price might not even be a thing to border about as the foldable phone might not be fanciable for others since there is room for exploring other flagship smartphones from same manufacturer.

Our hands are crossed as we keep watching out for this dream future become reality since we do not know for now what specs this smartphone will be garnished with, only what we know is that it is most likely to be a ground breaker and a display of excellence if all things turn out well on their side.

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