Ada Health Guide Chat App Review

What Is Ada Health Guide Chat App?

Ada health guide Chat app is an AI powered application that uses machine learning to ask, understand and collect useful health data as it relates to your case and other similar cases in the line, process it and gives you a professional detailed result of your health analysis based on an algorithm, and insights on steps you can take to take care of the health condition and how your doctor can play a part in achieving it.

The Brains Behind It

The app was the outcome of a research team of doctors, scientist, and engineers. It is the best of medical app around with over one million downloads and activation and great user feedback. The company is backed by Google’s chief business officer and the entrepreneur behind Amazon’s Alexa.  Ada health chat app is in a way very unique when compared to other similar apps in the health lineups as it incorporates artificial intelligence in itself which is something far different and “out  of the  space “, something you won’t find in others like: “Doctor At Home”, “Treatment For All Diseases””Ask a Doctor” and so on which work offline. On the other hand, to use the Ada health chat app, you will have to be online. Ada health chat app is much more advance as it gives you a feel of meeting a professional whom you could talk with real time.

Ada health Guide Chat App Advantage & How It Works

The Ada health guide chat app was developed to  help patients and doctors alike manage cost and time spent on visiting health professionals which are somewhat in shortage relative to demographics. Lets say for instance you go to Google play store to download the app, you will be required to enter a few details which includes your email address to signup for the free service. After the signup, Ada begins to ask you questions like a “real live” doctor does! Some of the questions I was asked when I gave it a try includes stuffs like: What is your name? What is your age? and so on just like one trying to file up a medical report.

After all that, Then the live-like chat continues with Ada Saying something like, “Hi (Calls Your Name) I can help you find out what’s going on. Just start a symptom assessment.” As soon as you start the assessment the, you would be asked: “Who are you doing the assessment for? with two options to choose from “myself” or “someone else” and so on. All you need to do is to respond to the questions.  The App gives best result when given correct information.  For example one shouldn’t try to reduce age as some diagnosis are connected to age factors among others! 

ada health chat app
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Can We Take Ada For A Doctor?

Ada health guide chat app is a “Bot”, something you would call a robot or so. Its an AI programmed assistant that acts base on machine learning and an algorithm. If you have watched or met Sophia before, you would understand better.  However, Sophia is also a robot embodied in physical human form with highly sophisticated AI. The female gendered Sophia was created by “Hanson’s Robotics” Founded by David Hanson a former Disney staff.  According to them, their goal is to “bring robot to life” and use it to solve human’s complex problems. Another similar AI product in the line is the “Professor”.  The professor was created to solve academic problems in any field, just ask a question on anything and you get response immediately!

Haven said all that, You might also consider adding Ada health chat app to your arsenals of app and check up with it what ever ails you as this could help in giving you some sort of idea of whats going up with you and be able to act accordingly base on analysis and recommendation.

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