How To Buy Electricity Tokens Directly On Phone In 4 Mins.

It is safe, smart and better learning how to buy electricity tokens the alternative ways. Are you tired of the long queues often experienced when buying electricity tokens/credit units to top up your prepaid meter? Then you are in the right place as I show you how “BuyPower” makes this easy! In this article, you will see also in pictures so you could understand clearly without difficulty and start buying your prepaid tokens with convenience at the comfort of your home or office as the case may be.

Gone are those days of doing things manually as technology keeps making our lives less complicated. Regardless of the pros and cons of technology, we cannot but keep exploring things that makes life worth living just like “BuyPower” and others like” Vtpass”, “Irecharge” etc. makes it possible for Nigerians.  Though in this guide, I will be restricted to the one I have used for now, that is “BuyPower”.  What excites me about them is their real-time online customer care service chat! you might consider giving it a trial!

What Is BuyPower?

BuyPower is an online electricity vending platform that provides an alternative electronic means to buy electricity tokens for topping your prepaid meter with credit units online using the web or the mobile app. The process is quit user friendly, fast and simple. If you already know how to transfer money to your friends, families and business partners using your phone bank apps or web on PC, you will see that the process is not different from what you already know.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your 
Tokens/Credit Units?

To buy electricity tokens, the process takes between 4 to 5 minutes based on my experience and depending on your network strength.  Once your service provider server is up and doing, everything should be less than 5 minutes.  I find this to be very interesting after experiencing how it worked out smoothly at a time when I needed it the most! I can’t appreciate BuyPower enough for this initiative as electricity is a basic necessity we cannot afford to do without!

Imagine that there is a curfew in your location, or you went to buy a token and they have closed for the day, or that you don’t have cash at hand or for whatever reason(s)? With this platform you don’t need to border about anything as you can make your purchase online without stress just like you pay for Naijabet, JAMB, Water bills and others.

How To Buy Tokens/Credit Units

There are four steps involved in the process of buying from BuyPower as  follow:

[1]  Log into BuyPower website, and enter your phone number.
[2]  Now chose your state of residence from the drop down arrow, enter your meter nos., amount and select your payment card, “I used verve” as you can see in figure 1. Then click “continue to payment information”.

How To Buy Electricity Tokens Directly On Phone

how to buy tokens
figure 1

[3]  As you can see in figure 2, I ordered to buy electricity tokens worth N1000 but will be charged a N100 transaction fee at 10% which is kind of ok. Now click on “pay” based on your order amount.

 buy electricity
figure 2.

[4]  Finally, to buy electricity tokens, just enter  the number of your master card, visa card, verve card or whatever kind of ATM card you use, your card expiry date and the 3 digit cvv nos at the back of your card, click pay and you are done. Congrats on your first transaction!

electricity tokens
figure 3

how to buy electricity tokens
figure 4


What more? At this point, buying electricity tokens shouldn’t be an uphill task anymore. Just follow the above four steps and be free from all that “wahala” of queuing at vending outlets. You can even buy as low as N200 tokens or more unlike the vending outlets that force us to buy from N1000 and above! Goodluck as you go digital!

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