Technology/Artificial Intelligence That Will Change Our World!

As technology and artificial intelligence continues trailing the blaze, the automobile industry had kept evolving through the years with lots of improvement as we see sleeky designs, elegant sizes, improved comfort, intensified safety and security among other utilities integrated in to recent productions. Thanks to technology for the groundbreaking invention like the AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is the hallmark of quality and convenience.  It is no sooner than thought that the way transportation sector of the economies of nations will be revolutionized is not a thing to argue as the push into AI powered devices like smart phones, automated homes, offices, and human robotics like the popular social media personality called Sophia keeps getting intensified.

technology and artificial intelligence
Photo: Tesla Inc. (Tesla Model S)

Sharks In The Industry

A number of car manufacturing industries never saw the prospects in the direction of electrically powered cars and how it could change the industry entirely until things began to take a new turn.  Tesla, Inc. formerly Tesla Motors, Inc. an American automotive and energy company based in Palo Alto, California saw the prospect in this new technology and vaulted in. According to, the company is said to have had a production output of 101,312 vehicles as at 2017 statistic and a revenue of US$11.759 billion as at that year!

Meet Uber’s Autonomous Truck

A trend currently dreaded by the Americans and other professional truck drivers in parts of the world is the Self driving cars/vehicles. It was quoted that 15% of  Americans whose major means of livelihood is truck driving, vehemently kicked against Artificial Intelligence being integrated in to automobiles as this will have a negative impact since they apparently stand to lose their jobs! A recent news excerpt from BBC revealed that many are already sobbing over being laid off as a result of this take over.

The pros and cons of innovation sometimes make one think in the direction that “it is both friend and foe”! However, we can not deny the complicated problems technology helps us to solve on daily basis, though the extreme is something that deserves attention.

Artificial Intelligence

Another breakthrough in the electrical electronics engineering sciences is the robotics embedded AI’s that is associated with machine learning.  Sophia is the foremost in focus. David Hanson, the founder of the Hanson’s Robotics came up with Sophia as a result of years of research. Sophia was activated in early 2016 and has been going through a number of upgrade since then. Technology/Artificial intelligence is here to change our world!

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Sophia has the ability to interact with humans by means of questions and answer at seminars and conferences across the world. She could smile, show gestures, ask questions and understand replies and interpret them accordingly.  Another one from Hanson Robotics is the Professor.  The Professor is configured to teach pupils on various subjects.  There are other invented as sex robots and for companionship. Others serve as chef in restaurants and hotels, others serve as medical doctors as they have ability to perform operations fast and efficiently at low cost. Ada health guide is another software app that helps people diagnose their ailment in a very interactive manner as if one was speaking to a live professional. 

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