Phone Battery: How To Make it Last Longer!

Enjoying a long lasting phone battery is a matter of skill and paying attention to simple specs, dos and don’ts amongst others like you will see in this article.  Have you had bad experience in this area before? Well, whether you had or not, I will be showing you important technical and non-technical factors that affects your phone battery life so as to help out with prevention against possible future occurrence!

Factors Affecting Phone Battery Life (Technical)

Phone Battery Specifications:

A typical phone battery will normally come in different sizes/weights and power rating so as to meet the power requirements of the phone it was made for. The power rating might fall into any of the following specs: 1200mAh, 1800mAh, 2750mah, 3500mAh, 4000mAh and 5000mAh mostly at 3.7v and limited charge voltage at 4.2v or 4.4v for bigger phone batteries. 

When buying a new phone, you will normally not have to border about getting a wrong spec since the battery is OEM  (original equipment manufacturer’s) made, but if you later on have to change the battery due to the fact that it had hit its life cycle or span, you would have to make sure you get the exact OEM or Organic match.  Exact match makes your phone function at its best.  Lesser phone battery power rating will limit phone standby time. If you are able to get an exact  match in terms of size only, it may be well fitted in to your phone but will definitely not last longer if the battery spec is lower than what it should be!

Additionally, there are instances where you get an “on home screen message” like “battery error”, “battery temperature is high or low ” etc. What this means is that the CPU detected a specification issue and this is made possible by the BSI (Battery Size Indicator) passing a signal to the CPU that the battery is not compatible or that there are some other technical issues.

Phone Battery Charging Pattern, Voltage/Amperes :

Phone battery charging pattern and specs affects battery life!  After buying a new phone, it is highly recommended that you charge the battery as recommended by the manufacturer as required.  The first charge is the most important aspect.  If due to excitement you are impatient, by not allowing the phone battery to get the first charge, then you stand 100% chance of never enjoying a long lasting phone battery life.  That’s just how important it is to get a first charge as the first charge in your phone’s battery is the normal testing OEM out of the box charge that requires real charge before actual usage out of the box!

Remember also that after charging your phone 100% before the first usage, you do not need to always charge your phone to 100% before unplugging it from charge.  An 80% to 90% of subsequent battery charge has been proven technically” to be safer and prolongs battery life provided you gave it the  first out of the box charge”!

If you already have a phone you are using and got your phone’s charger bad, your phone can still get back on “its feet” by paying attention to charger specs.  Before buying a phone charger, always make sure you are buying the right one as most organic chargers lacks protective components to protect your phone and battery against power surge. 

Charger and charging spec affects battery life a lot.  If for instance you are using a charger rated at output 5.0v at 2.8Amps (2800mAh) instead of 5.0v at 1.8Am (1800mAh), chances are that your battery will charge faster, but the aftermath effect is that the cell will be over stressed and heated in the process of the excessive charging.  At 5.0v 2.8Amp, excessive electrons will certainly flow in to get your phone battery charged in a jiffy.  If this continues, the phone battery life will be reduces.

The Phone Battery Charging Temperature: 

It should be noted also that batteries last under a favorable weather or climatic conditions. Battery charging temperature affects battery safety and lasting performance.  It is better to charge your phone in well ventilated place.  Do not attempt charging your phone in enclosed places like drawers, wardrobe or anything that will prevent air flowing to cool it during charge as this could easily make your battery swell and thus, become short-lived.  Note also that there are instances where phones caught fire as a result of this!

Factors Affecting Phone Battery Life (Non-Technical)

The non-technical factors affecting long lasting phone battery life has to do with softwares, apps or settings related factors. The apps running in your phone background, the hotspot you share with other devices, data constantly turned on, the vibrator settings, the email notification, the google location settings amongst others do have serious impact on a phone’s battery life as these takes up your battery power!

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To minimize battery consumption you might consider turning off data and use Wifi as it puts lesser pressure on your battery usage. Other factors includes things like making calls where there is poor service or signal, or low battery percentage: 20% on low battery usage is enough to go for the next charging circle.  Phone battery can also be affected by viral infection. A viral infection sucks a great deal! Doing a custom (third-party)ROM or firmware upgrade can at time have negative battery impact due to development incompatibility amongst other things!

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