Latest 9mobile Data Plans And Subscription Codes

Looking for the latest 9mobile data plans and subscription codes to opt in for the 9mobile fast internet? Well, this article will guide you through, both with a tabular overview description for simplicity. As we have seen in recent times, 9mobile seem to have embraced a little of the transitional airtelĀ company characteristics with multiple name change as business changes hands! MTN and Glo hasn’t threaded that path yet!Ā  Etisalat or 9mobile as it is so called, has gain trust in Nigeria with her good internet speed and availability which is something every user won’t trade for anything.Ā 

If you have got a phone with a good battery life and have bought and activated your 9mobile or etisalat SIM, you will need to make sure that your APN internet browser settings are well configured for surfing the net. Now, lets go ahead and see what theĀ latest 9mobile data plans and subscription codes has to offer from daily/weekly, monthly to evening/weekend plans, the quarterly and yearly plans

Latest 9mobile Data Plans Descriptions:

Daily/Weekly Plans

Just like MTN, airtel and glo data plans, 9mobile also has cheap and flexible plans to suit all pocket so that even with little bucks you can still find a plan to hang on!

For the daily plans, you have two options to choose from. For as low as N50, you can get a simple 10MB data to browse for 24 hours depending also on your usage pattern. To get this subscription, you will have to dial the USSD codeĀ *229*3*8# or SMS MI3 to 229

40MB of data will be credited to your account if you subscribe with N100 to also browse within 24 hours. To subscribe for this plan, you will have to dial the USSD codeĀ *229*3*1# or SMS MI1 to 229.

If your preference is the weekly plan, then you should get 150MB of data when you subscribe with N200 which last for 7 days. To buy this plan, simply dial *229*2*10# or sms LCD to 229. See table below:

Plans Data AmtĀ N Validity USSD Code
Daily 10MB 50 1 Day *229*3*8# or SMS MI3 to 229
Ā  40MB 100 1 Day *229*3*1# or SMS MI1 to 229
Weekly 150MB 200 7 Days *229*2*10# or SMS LCD to 229

Monthly Plans

For the monthly plans, there are a lot of options depending on your strength and need for data. This standard plan suits everyone who considers going for something that has more validity period. These comprehensive list of plans as shown in the table below leaves you to decide whats yours!

For N500, you can get 500MB to surf the net, be on facebook, instagram, whatsapp, wechat etc for 30 days depending on your usage pattern though! To subscribe for this plan, dial the USSD codeĀ *229*2*12#Ā Ā 

For 1000 also, you get 1GB of data to do as you likeĀ  for 30 days. To subscribe for this plan, simply dialĀ *229*2*7#

If you can let go of N1200, you will be given 1.5GB for 30 days validity period. The subscription code isĀ *229*2*25# or sms AND11 to 229

Just in case you are not okay with the 1.5GB, you can switch to 2.5GB for just N2000 and you will enjoy it for 30 days also. To get this plan, dialĀ *229*2*8# or sms AND2 to 229.Ā  See the rest plans in table below:

Data AmtĀ N Validity USSD Code
500MB 500 30 Days *229*2*12#Ā 
1GB 1000 30 Days *229*2*7#
1.5GB 1200 30 Days *229*2*25# or sms AND11 to 229
2.5GB 2000 30 Days *229*2*8# or sms AND2 to 229
4GB 3000 30 Days *229*2*35#
5.5GB 4000 30 Days *229*2*36#
7.1GB 5000 30 Days *229*37#
11.5GB 8000 30 Days *229*2*5#
15GB 10000 30 Days *229*4*1#
27.5GB 18000 30 Days *229*4*3#

Night/weekend plans

9mobile got you covered on the night/weekend plans.Ā  This is the one I often use for most of my night browsing!

If you are ready to do “night vigil”, sacrificing your sleep, then sparing N200 will give you 1GB of data for use between 12am to 5am, that is 5 hrs of browsing. To subscribe, dial the USSD CodeĀ *229*3*11#

The next one is the evening/weekend plan. This plan will cost you N1000 for 2GB and has 30 days validity period. This plan will only allow you to start browsing in the evening only between 7pm to 7am in the morning and then you are off until another 7pm in the evening repeatedly until your data gets exhausted. To subscribe for this plan, just dialĀ *229*3*12#Ā 

This other one will give you more data with same usage condition above. For N2000, you will get 5GB of data plus extra 100MB for whatsapp 24/7. See table below:

Plans Data AmtĀ N Validity USSD Code
12am to 5am
1GB 200 24 Hrs (2Nights) *229*3*11#
7pm to 7am
2GB 1000 30 Days *229*3*12#
7pm to 7am
5GB +
100MB for WhatsApp (24/7)
2000 30 Days *229*3*13#Ā 

Quarterly/yearly plans

The Quarterly/yearly plans are obviously for heavy data users who do a lot with data, whether for downloads or uploads, online streaming etc…The plans ranges from 3 months, 4 months and 12 months plans.

For N27,500 you will get 30GB of data to enjoy for 90 days uninterrupted! To subscribe for this plan, dial the USSD codeĀ *229*5*1#

The second plan offers you 60GB for 120 days validity period. This plan cost N55,000 and can be subscribed to by dialing the USSD codeĀ *229*5*2#

Lastly, N110,000 will equally earn you a whooping 120GB of data for 365 days! The plan can be subscribed for by dialingĀ *229*5*3#Ā 

See table below:

Plans Data AmtĀ N Validity USSD Code
3 Months 30GB 27,500 90 Days *229*5*1#
4 Months 60GB 55,000 120 Days *229*5*2#
12 Months 120GB 110,000 365 Days *229*5*3#

Hoping that this article on theĀ  latest 9mobile data plans and subscription codes helps with your search for data plans and subscription on the 9mobile network.

NB: This article will be occasionally updated to the subsequent plans.Ā  Are you subscribed to this network? What are the experiences you would like to share about it? Feel free to leave a comment to tell others what you feel.

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