How To Make Simple Reusable USB Phone Chargers Scrap-DIY

You Can Recycle Old/Damaged Chargers

Trash your old or damaged phone chargers no more! Learn how to turn them into reusable USB phone chargers from scraps from the comfort of your home and save money from buying another one. This DIY (do it yourself) tutorial is the best option for you just in case  you have a damaged favorite “male USB plug-in charger head” and want to turn them in to  reusable USB phone chargers. 

Causes of  The Wear And Tear

After using your chargers for a long time to charge your phones, it start getting slacked or less tight with time:  as a result of the slack, you will occasionally need to keep adjusting the cord or  input plug-in just to get a firm grip and avoid interrupted (on-off) charging. If you are tired of having to adjust your charger cord to get a stable charge and do not want to trash your favorite charger or that you do not have money to buy another, you could just try out “reusable USB phone chargers”  and save yourself the stress.

Making The Reusable USB Phone Chargers From Scraps 

In this project, I already had a good working charger rated 5.0 volt at 2Amps. This power rating can charge a 5000mAh battery to full capacity within one hour or so. The only problem with this charger is the USB plug that gets connected to the phone so it can charge! In situations like this, most people will trash it and move on to buy another charger.

Trashing your chargers might not be necessary as we have got an alternative means to make it last longer by turning it in to a USB charger entirely! To work this out you will need a couple of tools and scrap parts from your old chargers. In this project we will be using a damaged car USB charger so that we can connect it to your corded charger and start using a USB cable plug so that you can charge just any phone, power bank or devices of your choice

Tools/Parts Needed

  1. 60 or 30 watts soldering iron
  2. Soldering paste (flux)
  3. Soldering led
  4. Connecting wire
  5. Hot gum 
  6. Damage/old charger (scrap parts)
  7. Screw driver, pliers,  blade cutter
  8. Power sourceHow To Make Reusable USB Phone Chargers Scraps-DIY


  1. Get a bad or unused car or wall charger and uncouple it.How To Make Reusable USB Phone Chargers Scraps-DIY
  2. Remove all the internal components like resistors and capacitors etc.How To Make Reusable USB Phone Chargers Scraps-DIY
  3. Locate the positive and negative terminals of the female USB and connect your phones charger cable to the two + (Positive) and – (negative) points using soldering iron and soldering led.How To Make Reusable USB Phone Chargers Scraps-DIY
  4. Apply hot gum or others to have a firm grip and avoid disconnectionHow To Make Reusable USB Phone Chargers Scraps-DIY
  5. Couple the charger back and test your DIY project and see how it works out smoothly.How To Make Reusable USB Phone Chargers Scraps-DIY

Second Option

There are a lot of stuffs you can do with partially or completely damaged chargers. The capacitors, resistors, diodes, inductors, transformers, transistors etc could be recycled for other electrical/electronics projects!

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If you have to keep adjusting the input plug-in to your phones charging port before it charges or that it keeps getting interrupted, then your USB cord or the USB input-plug-in head that supplies directly in to your charging port might have become slacked or damaged.

When you confirmed it to be so, you have another options: buy another USB cable and cut-off one side and join it to your charger’s other side with respect to positive and negative parts, tape it and use. However, make sure you are using a quality USB cable for this, better at 2 amps.

If you did this successfully, then congratulations, however if it doesn’t work out, you might just  be missing out something you really have to cross-check!

Well, that’s all about this little recycling project.  Goodluck!

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