Gionee P5W USB Charging Solution Ways

Looking for Gionee P5W USB charging solution ways? well, it is hoped that this article will help you out in the quest here. A charging problem will usually make it impossible for you to charge your phone.  Its even more annoying when you have a non-removable phone battery which makes it impossible to charge your phone with the universal charger alternative. 

Gionee P5W USB charging problems just like any other phone, can be traceable to certain possible causes which we shall be looking at and how to tackle them correctly so as to achieve best result.

Possible Causes Of Gionee P5W USB Charging Problem

  1. Shorted/faulty diode
  2. Shorted/faulty capacitors
  3. Faulty resistors
  4. Faulty IC (integrated circuit)
  5. Bad USB Port/Cable
  6. Partial contact

The Above Possible Causes Could Be Further Caused By The Following:

  1. Exposure To Water: Water is a conductor of electric current which has the ability to cause any of the above component parts to become faulty or even damaged beyond repairs. This is because water reacts with the current supplied by the battery resulting in sparks, explosions and eventually damages as well.
  2. Bad Chargers: OEM (original equipment manufacturer) chargers are the best chargers for a smartphone. The generic ones that do not meet standard specifications potentially damages a phone’s charging system.
  3. Ageing Factor: Ageing is a constant with any electronic gadgets, the components parts that forms the charging system can become less functional and even worse with time as they do have submission to the law of diminishing returns and would therefore need to be replaced subsequently.
  4. Excessive Voltage/current: The both cannot be separated in the process of charging a phone, most phone chargers fall between 5.0 volt, 500mAh and 5.0 volt, 2000mAh specification etc. It should be noted that using a charger that supplies voltage/current more than what is required can be very detrimental to a phone’s charging system.
  5. A Hard Fall: The component parts are solid state based, thus a hard fall will potentially if not immediately cause a USB charging problem amongst other likely occurrences like earpiece problem, mouthpiece problem,  network problem, screen problem. Unlike software level repair that requires you mostly flashing a phone, in hardware case you will have to troubleshot manually in order to locate the cause of a problem.

Haven considered all the above possible causes of a phone’s USB charging problem like the Gionee P5W USB Charging Solution which we are considering now, the information should be able to help you with a possible way out of this unpleasant circumstances.

Description of The Problem Under Consideration

  1. It couldn’t charge and won’t even show any “charging icon” after several hours on charge
  2. When the phone’s charger is plugged in, the phone gets hot due to a faulty diode highlighted in the diagram below:

After removing/replacing the diode or replacing the sub panel completely, the problem should be gone hopefully. You might also want to further read about All Phone Charging Problem Solution here.

Gionee P5W USB Charging Solution

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