Tecno W5 Screen Backlight Solution

Tecno W5 Screen Backlight problem could be as a result of a damaged LCD screen, broken screen flakes, bad internal working components like coils, LEDs, ICs, capacitors, etc that needs replacement. The process of getting this sorted out could sometimes be tasking, but with good troubleshooting, the problem could be resolved.

Usually, when your Tecno W5 screen backlight goes blackout, you will still be able to receive calls when your phone rings, but you won’t be able to make calls, write SMS or go social because you can’t see anything in the screen but darkness. Never mind as I will be showing you a couple of helpful solutions in this article to bring back the “moonlight” you crave for!  

Tecno W5 Screen Backlight Problem Source Highlights:

    • Damaged LCD screen
    • Broken LCD screen flakes
    • Bad LEDs
    • Internal working component short or open circuits

The highlighted list of possible source of the problem should help in guiding you on how to go about the problem in question

Damaged LCD Screen: Some high-end smartphones loses backlight for life mostly when they experience a hard fall.  I have seen this happen to Samsung phones and some others. When this happens, you will have no other options than to buy and replace with entirely new screen. Learn more on  Phone LCD Screen Display Solution here.

Broken LCD Screen Flakes: When the flakes goes through a careless handling, it can get broken. Furthermore, weather condition can potentially cause a flakes to break up overtime thereby creating an open circuit or path, When this happens, simply do a jumper like the one you see in the diagram below for Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth 2 which got blackout due to similar conditions.

All LCD Screen Backlight Solution Jumper 

Bad LEDs: Short for light emiting diode. LEDs makes it possible for glow to happen so as to illuminate the whole display. When the LEDs are badly affected may be due to water damage or so, they will cease to glow thereby resulting in total blackout  or dark screen display situations. Use both ends of your multimeter to find out which LEDs needs to be replaced by finding out if they glow when the positive and negative terminals are connected to the multimeter.

Internal Working components Short or Open Circuit: This aspect has to do with the diodes, caps, resistors, ICs, coils, etc that are responsible for supplying the calculated value of current which is needed for the LEDs to glow. The diagram below shows how current flows from one component to the other thereby forming a path. If something goes wrong, with the internal working components, the LEDs won’t glow to light up the display. Most times, damages to lighting  components is as a result of water damage. With a good troubleshooting the backlight can return to normal again. 

Tecno W5 Screen Backlight Solution

The solution above is applicable to all mobile PCB except that the size, shape, color and positioning of this components might varry with models and manufactures. Its safer if you can lay hands on the schematic diagram which makes things easier if you know how to make use of it in troubleshooting.

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