BBM Is Going Away, Unless You Keep It!

BBM is going AwayIn the past weeks while we were just recovering from the lose of our consumer Google Plus account that proved to be a really good experience while it was on, another time to mourn the demise of an iconic instant messenger chatt platform popularly known as BBM sets in!

The excessive charge for SMS got a big blow giving the arena off to Blackberry Messenger sign ups earlier enough as users found it less expensive until the game changed. The BBM messenger app gave payment gateways option for goods and services consumption amongst other value added services

Blackberry messenger had proved to be a pioneering platform way back 2005 connecting friends and families, clients and businesses on a viral scale! While it kept scaling up, by the time it found itself in the iOS and the android play store, it was as if it came too late to stand the battle of app choices in their numbers.

According to the source and I quote, “Though we are sad to say goodbye, the time has come to sunset the BBM consumer service, and for us to move on”!

What this means is that we are now left with a choice to either say goodby or still hold tight to our longtime companion and friend (BBM) which has been contested against by other chatt and messenger apps in the arena like Facebook, WhatsApp, wechat, telegram etc.BlackBerry_Messenger_logo

According to Emtek, (the management and administrators of the consumer Blackberry Messenger platform), the BBM account for general consumers will be finally gone by May 31 2019! Nevertheless, you may keep your Blackberry Messenger account for a token of $2.50 every six month interval with promise of secure end-to-end encryption and better services from the official BBM Enterprise from Blackberry..

To woo sign-ups, and ease the switch, Blackberry company had decided to allow for free for the first year before the subscription begins to count!

Are you still wondering why BBM is going away? May be you need to think about how difficult it is to compete with other similar platform competitors rendering similar services as you do and how almost impossible it is for you to rank or keep your loyalist who seem to be drifting away despite all your good effort. Remember Yahoo messenger bid us farewell, Google plus joined and and now, BBM is going away!

So, this is where the BBM enterprise comes in to bridge the gap and the divide to move on for those serious about keeping the ties which gives a breath of hope!

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