Phone LCD Screen Backlight Won’t Off Solutions

Are you asking why your Phone Screen Backlight Won’t Off While Charging, or that it remains on almost as if for ever, and your battery is running out fast or charge isn’t making any sense on top of all that? Ask no further as a solution is waiting for you as you read on!

Troubleshooting Screen Backlight Won’t Turn Off

Firstly, this problem might not even be a problem per say! It could just be that you or someone in possession of your phone might have unintentionally messed up with your phone’s internal settings.

If you are not sure you might as well just check your phone’s setting in the stand by mode to see if it is set to stand by mode while charging. If you find out that it is set to stay on, simply switch it off and move on with your life!

Phone Settings Option Solution

To do this just in case you are asking “but how”? Simply do the following:

    • Go to settings from your home screen
    • Select display option
    • Select sleep or standby option
    • Finally, chose the option you want. e.g sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Depending on your type of phone, you can as well locate the screen backlight location settings to turn off the “ever on” screen backlight won’t off problem.

Do A Phone Factory Reset

Another path you might want to tread on is the path of doing a factory setting if the problem still won’t get solved after following the above instructions, but make sure you have backup of important data on your phone. To make sure you don’t get yourself locked out of your phone after doing a factory reset, make sure you have deactivated FRP protection as explained in another article linked here.

Chechout how to Remove Google Account Reset FRP-Lock Protection here just in case you are locked out anyway!  To a factory reset do the following:

  1. Go to your phone’s setting
  2. Select Backup & Reset
  3. Select  Factory Reset
  4. Tap on Reset Phone
  5. Wait until its done!

Hardware Troubleshooting Solution

Phone screen backlight won’t off problem sometimes can be complicated! I mean it could go beyond just settings as one might have thought earlier. The problem could be a hardware issue and can also be solved with a good level of troubleshooting.
You should ask yourself the following questions before going further:

Did the phone experienced water splash or water getting in to it in any way?

Does this happen when using a particular charger?

Did it happen after the phone fell hard on the floor?

Did a kid played with the phone inserting in to mouth especially the charging port part which is not saliva friendly?

Phone LCD screen backlight image dissembling solution

If your phone was affected by any of the above conditions, then its a hardware problem! Two things are involved here on the part of solution. Firstly the phone will have to be serviced with Isopropyl solution or methylated spirit and dried in hot sun or with a dryer or a professional rework station if you like.

If the first option doesn’t solve the phone LCD screen backlight won’t off problem, then try to find out if there is a broken or bridging internal components that might be responsible for the problem….if you did all of these and it worked, then congrat! However, if you were unlucky, then consult the nearest expert GSM Engineer or Technician to save yourself the stress. Good luck with your devices.

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