How To Remove Google Account Reset FRP-Lock

So you got stuck at a point and wasn’t able to go further with your phone after doing a factory setting or format right? Alright, you will have to remove Google Account Reset FRP-Lock! In this article, I will be walking you through how to solve this problem in the simplest possible way!
The lock is as a result of doing a factory reset due to any of the following reasons:

    • Forgotten pattern or password
    • Transfer of ownership
    • Due to slow or hanging problem
    • Need to troubleshoot for malicious apps etc.

Steps To Remove Google Account Reset FRP-Lock

Before you remove Google Account Reset FRP-Lock, understand first that it affects phones running android 5.0 Marshmallow and above for android users. When you factory set your phone for any of the reasons above, the phone automatically enters into a lockout mode called FRP short for factory reset protection! Though you presently need a solution which is available here, you can always prevent this from happening by making sure you remove your email or gmail account so that you won’t be asked for it after a factory reset action. Learn how to remove or deactivate your gmail google account here.

Though there are other options to Google Account Reset FRP-Lockout like the one that involves you downloading settings and google account manager apps and the test DPC method, I rather show you the simplest that involves just a few clicks that gets the problem out of your way! Sure that’s what you want to hear!
To do this, there is a piece of software called miracle thunder tool, this tool is very powerful and solves almost all the software related problems of phones. To learn more about Software related problems and flashing them checkout this article here.

To remove Google Account Reset FRP-Lock, using miracle thunder software flashing tool do the following:

Installing Phone USB Drivers

The drivers are the connecting rods between your phone and the PC. After the installation, your phone will be detected and you will be set to remove Google Account Reset FRP-Lockout!

After installing the driver, install the miracle thunder flashing tool and launch it. After launching it, do the following:

  1. Click on the “unlock/fix” tab
  2. Locate the “clear Settings/FRP” tab and click it
  3. Select the “USB cable” tab and click the “start button” to begin
  4. Now connect your phone in switched off status and
  5. Wait for 5 seconds more or less until you see done! 

Google Account FRP Unlock with Miracle Box thunder

Congrats if you made it.

Note that different phones have different architecture, so you will have to be sure what platform your phone belongs. Am talking about the CPU here. We have Apple Bionic chipset, Huawei’s Kirin and Qualcomm chipset, Samsungs Snapdragon, Mediatek, Spreadtrum, Mstar, etc which means the methods are different for each phones.

If you use original Samsung phone, download the FRP file for that model and use Samsung’s official Odin software tool to flash the file. You can find tutorials online or still use the miracle thunder software flash tool discoursed above.

Was this article on how to remove Google Account Reset Lock-FRP After Factory Settings helpful? What are your thoughts on this? Do leave a reply. Goodluck with your devices.

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Disclaimer: Do not use any software tool for any kind of repair or recovery purpose if you are unsure of what you are doing! Any damage arising from such activity is at your own risk! Better ask a professional if you are unable to fix the problem.

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