What To Do When Phone Falls In Water

Phone falling in to water happens often than expected, thus, it is inevitable and could lead to further complications when necessary steps are not properly taken! Therefore in this article, we will be paying attention to what can be done when a phone falls in water.

When a phone falls into water and the right measures are not taken immediately, possibilities are that the phone might eventually go dead or develop what is called power problem!
Taking urgent steps becomes imperative especially for those using phones with non-removable battery!

In the real sense or world of GSM Phone Engineers and Technicians, non-removable batteries does not actually exist, but for you, they do because you do not know how to go about dissembling them.water wet phone

How To Dry Water In A Phone

There are quite a number of things you can do to dry out the water so as to prevent water damage in the short or long run. Here are what you can do:

  1. Remove the phone immediately from the water
  2. Remove the battery quickly and don’t try to insert to check if it is still powering on because its still wet. Do not panic! Just be patient.
  3.  If the battery is the inbuilt type, using screwdrivers or any other relevant tools, dissemble the phone and disconnect the battery terminal straight away.
  4. Now you can put it where it can be heated to dry. First option is by using professional equipment known as Rework Station a.k.a “Hot Air Blower”. Other options might be to place it close to hot gas cooker, hot stove or even pressing iron as the case may be. The goal here is to make sure the phone is moisture free totally.
  5. When you are sure there is no traces of water anymore, then you can safely reassemble the phone.

Another hack that works is to completely cover up the water soaked phone in a bowl of raw rice grain and leave for 24hrs or more. If you are not sure you can dissemble complicated phones, better don’t damage it, consult your phone care expert for best result.

When Water In Phone Is Not Properly Dried!

If the water in the phone is not completely dried, soon enough, things will begin to fall apart! The important parts like LCD socket and connectors, ICs and many other internal components will begin to rust.

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