5G Network Will Change Everything: Is Nigeria Prepared For The Challenge?

At the introduction of the G.S.M (Global System For Mobile Communication), We had 1G (first generation) network up to the 4G (4th generation network) till date. While the 1G network gave us the opportunity to be able to make calls, 2G made it possible for us to send SMS (short message service) 3G on the other hand brought better broad data and internet while 4G made it faster, but 5G network will change everything!

5G network is in focus as so many technologies will depend on it, this will include autonomous self driving cars, manufacturing and distribution, medical robotics, communications and internet, agriculture and space technology.

The fifth generation network will be driven by supersonic speed. Imagine how fast and incredible it is download or upload 20GB size of data over the internet in a minute, that’s like 154 times faster than 4G. It is like internet speeding at 10 to 20MB per second!

Top players in the 5G network that will change everything is the AT&T. According to the company, the 5G network makes use of the millimeter wave technology to deliver the fastest and most reliable internet and communication experience which most phones in the future release will ship with.

While EE launches her 5G network in five cities in the UK in May, Vodafone also makes advances to launch her 5G innovation on 3rd of July this year. Also, THREE a key player like the T Mobile, and Horrison would be announcing details of phones that will feature it.

The the massive database generated on daily basis for storage and retrieval, will only be effectively handled by 5G network. Imagine drones powered by AI and the 5G millimeter wave technology to irrigate farmlands at high speed and accuracy, or delivery of goods and services at calculated location, imagine a road where electric driven driverless cars flood the main road at high speed without even scratching the others because of high consciousness et cetera.

While the previous networks rely on skyscraper mask, the millimeter wave will see the small cell mount on facilities as low as street light polls, yet with supper efficiency!
Now the question is, is Nigeria ready for all of this?

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