How To Soft/Hard Reset android Phones And Others

In this post, I will be showing you how to easily soft/hard reset android phones and others. This will cover both the basic (feature) and SmartPhones as one can’t but have to go this way when it becomes imperative.

Why Soft or Hard Resetting A Phones?

If you are using a phone, whether basic or SmartPhones, you will at one time or the other be faced with this reality! Sometimes, we may just lose or forget our password, pins and patterns, or that we may just find our phones misbehaving or going AY thereby making us asking “what a hell is this”?

Some of the real problems that will necessitate soft/hard reset android phones can include:

reset phone settings

    • Hanging at boot logo (boot looping)
    • Very slow booting
    • Phone errors
    • Memory low issues
    • Tampered settings
    • Unable to make calls
    • Unable to send/receive messages
    • Phone lock… et ceteral.

When any of the above problems shows up, doing a soft or hard resetting might fix the problem, otherwise you will need a special troubleshooting to sort things out.

What is Soft And Hard Reset?

The both are done to achieve the same goal, (that is to fix the phone issues). The differences are in the mode of application. A soft reset might just be to press a reset button through a narrow opening behind or beside the phone. This can be done using a tiny needle or similar object. One can also achieve this by also removing and replacing the phone battery or restarting the phone by using power button and selecting the restart option on screen.

A hard (factory, or master) reset on the other hand, can be done in two ways: it can be achieved by using combination buttons; e.g. power + volume down and selecting factory set or wipe data options. While some phones do not support this recovery mode option, the other alternative is to do a factory reset directly through the settings and the backup and reset options.


Doing a hard reset will delete all your data which includes but not limited to contacts numbers, SMS messages, images, apps, videos and mp3s etc.  Before doing a hard reset, it’s better to do a backup. Check out how to update and also backup Samsung phones using Samsung Smart Switch here. For other android phones learn how to use Moborobo  Android iOS PC Suite here.

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