How To Write Spreadtrum/Mediatek Phone IMEI

If you are looking for how to write Spreadtrum/Mediatek phone IMEI for your phones, whether basic/feature or smartphones, this is just the recipe for you.spreadtrum mediatek phone imei 2

What is an IMEI?

If you do not know what IMEI means, its just an acronym for international mobile equipment identity assigned to mobile phone devices. It can be found on the labels of phones under the battery when the phone’s back cover is removed. You can also find the IMEI by dialing *#06# to view it directly on your phone’s home screen.

The IMEI is usually up to 15 digits in number and could be a single one, a pair or three or even four in total. They are very important in mobile phones and without which there will be some difficulties when trying to put a call through or when trying to receive a call.

Causes of the Problem

The problem of IMEI can be due to a number of reasons we shall be looking at in the list below:

    • Corrupt IMEI File
    • Flashing incompatible firmwares
    • Doing Factory Reset

If for anything, you experience this problem, their are solutions and alternatives you may consider opting in for.

How IMEI Problem Affects Mobile Phones

When this problem is caused by the already mentioned factors, it will begin to affect the phone in the following ways:

    • There will be pop-ups of the term “invalid IMEI” or “Null” or “IMEI error”
    • There will be unstable network bar
    • There will be difficulty in putting a call through or receiving incoming calls as a result of phone network problems caused by the missing IMEI

How to Write Spreadtrum/Mediatek Phone IMEI

To fix this problem we will be looking first at the mediatek or MTK chipset phones before the spreadtrum chipsets.

To write IMEI for MTK Mediatek phones, you can either use a phone app or a PC software to achieve same result. Some app need root access which means rooting the phone for the app or software to work while others don’t. See more about rooting phones in another article here. A good example is the chameleon app.

Chameleon app can be downloaded from play store and installed on the phone. Once installed, chameleon will give you option to write an auto generated IMEI and fix the problem quickly. To do this, make sure your SIM is removed first. After running the auto generate IMEI, you can then switch off your phone, insert your SIM card, power on the phone and check again by dialing *#06# to to confirm the success.

To achieve the same result using PC and the Miracle Box loader software which you can install just like other softwares like Samsung Smart Switch and Moborobo. You can write or auto generate the IMEI using miracle thunder or miracle loader. You can download the software here. If you already know the IMEI, just enter it under the MTK Write IMEI tab and click start to trigger the process and you are done. You also have the option to auto generate by imputing the tac and fac which just means imputing 4 digits in the first box and 2 digits in the second and clicking generate IMEI.

For Spreadtrum, devices you can also click on the SPD tab short for Spreadtrum. Input your IMEI or click on the auto generate option like in the case of the MTK.

Note: For Spreadtrum, switch off phone, press volume down and up at the same time, click start and then insert USB cable.
For MTK, click start, connect phone to PC via USB cable and check the success by dialing *#06# on your phone to see if the phone IMEI is recovered.

Sometimes writing the imei doesn’t work, in that case you should resort to flashing with compatible firmware. At times updating a phone can result in IMEI problem, so you might need to double check to know what happen before the problem came up.

What’s your thought on this? Was this post helpful? Share to let others know what you found out. Good luck with your devices.

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