Infinix Hot 6 Power Problem Solution Plus Video

In this article, you will be learning about Infinix Hot 6 Power Solution as well as power problems generally. Power problem can be frustrating as it makes your phone almost useless laying dumb in your palms! The problem is multifaceted but could be solved with a good troubleshooting skill.

What Is Infinix Phone Power Problem?

A power problem in mobile phones is a dead phone situation which makes it impossible for a phone to power on due to hardware or software issues. 

When it comes to the cause of power problem, it isn’t a rocket science approach. For example, the causes of Infinix Hot 6 power problem can be multifaceted, which means that you can’t jump into conclusions and start applying any solution you feel like!

Knowing the possible cause of the problem helps to make the work a lot easy, smooth and safe for you or your client.

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Possible Causes Of Infinix Hot 6 Power Problem:

Software Related

  1. Beta Firmware Update
  2. Wrong Firmwares/preloader files
  3. Ongoing interrupted firmware update

Hardware Related

  1. Bad chargers/power surge
  2. Weak/bad battery
  3. Shorted Capacitors, Diode..
  4. Bad/faulty power IC, Power Amp., RF IC etc.

How To Fix Software Problems:

When dealing with Infinix Hot 6 power problem, you need to put all the above in to consideration. For instance, a beta firmware update at its testing phase might have some malicious bugs that is a potential threats resulting in power problems. To fix the problem, you will have to flash back the phone to the previous update.

Flashing wrong firmwares or flash files with wrong preloader files result in your phone shutting down completely, and you won’t be able to operated anything! To fix this problem, you will have to find out the phones’ hardware ID which is located in the “About” the phone section after tapping on settings and you scroll down. But for a dead phone, you can check for the ID on the phone “casing label”, or on the “PCB” (Printed Circuit Board), when you find that out you can download and flash the right firmware base on that.

An ongoing update should not be tempered with by way of interruptions either by a USB cable disconnection, low battery, low or no internet signal or whatever serves a potential threat!

How To Fix Hardware Problems:

To fix Infinix phones power problem, that is hardware related, you will need to read the positive and negative battery terminals on the PCB for shorts. If you find a short while doing a multimeter testing, then try to read all the capacitors and diode you can find around the big, small and card level parts of both the power and network sections and replace accordingly.

ICs that could be responsible can include: power IC, power amplifier IC, RF IC etc. When any of these components are faulty or damaged due to a hard fall, water damage etc, you will either need to reheat, replace or reball it if any of the legs or points are corroded or damaged. Here is a diagram below. Hope this helps. Goodluck with your devices. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for video tutorials.Infinix Hot 6 Power Solution


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