Where To Learn Mobile Phone Repairs

In this article, you will find information about where to learn mobile phone repairs. Mobile phone repairs has rewarded a lot of youth ranging from the unschooled, the school certificate leavers, college and university graduates and applicants looking for alternative income streams while hoping for the white collar job! Aside these, it serves as an extra income for students in school seeking to support themselves while studying.

Why You Should Learn Mobile Phone Repairs Now

When you are well equipped with the knowledge and basics of GSM phone repairs, you can be sure of the monetary rewards you stand to benefit in return for your passion or hard work! Generally speaking, skill acquisition had over the years been considered as a life saver as its offers individuals financial freedom/independence by turning them in to entrepreneurs and trainer of the prospective trainee.

Becoming A Phone Expert Technician

Learning mobile cell phone repairs isn’t about screw drivers and soldering irons! Contrary to most people’s opinion, learning mobile phone repairs isn’t a guess work, if you think it is, then you are preparing for failure already before you start as it requires expertise. When you learn mobile phone repairs, you will have to deal with structured systematic learning module to get you equipped and deployed to the labour market to compete with your rivals in the industry with the stuff you are made up of!

While learning this skill, you will come across the small mobile phone parts, identification and their functions, the big mobile phone parts identification and their functions, and the card level parts which all combines to acquaint you with components like resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes, coils, osylators, flash ICs, power ICs, network ICs etc and how to detect faults and lots more..

By now, its obvious you are already getting the picture of what it means to be a skilled and expert phone technician as you will have to know so much to be many steps ahead. Having or not having access to the right small and big repair and servicing machine tools/equipments and how to manipulate them will either make or mar your ability to learn mobile phone repairs with confidence to start earning money.

What You Should Know Before You Learn Mobile Phone Repairs

Contrary to popular opinions, cell phone repairs is not a difficult skill to aquire, all that makes it easy is passion for learning! Yes, I know you want to make money from this skill, however, that shouldn’t be your goal until you have become well trained and are set to get deployed. Most trainees want to just make money, so they learn a few things and off they go only to face reality later on after damaging clients phones.

Learning The Two Aspects Of Phone Repairs

Basically, there are two aspect of this skill. When you have made up your mind to learn mobile phone repairs, you will have to decide on the two options: either hardware or software repairs. However, I recommend learning the both as this gives you an edge over others.

Hardware repairs requires that a phone should be dissembled either partially or completely for fault finding and repairs like changing broken LCD screen, fixing charging problems, speaker problem etc.

On the other hand, a software repair will necessitate that you connect to a PC (computer) via data cable to run a software on the phone for fault finding and solutions. At other times, it might be the use of engineering code directly on the phone to correct faults detected.

Most phone will develop software problem necessitating software repairs like flashing when the firmware is corrupt. Other software repairs  or services might include upgrading or downgrading firmware, rooting, unlocking SIM, writing IMEI, removing password or codes e.t.c.

Where To Enroll For Expert Training

If you have made up your mind to learn mobile phone repairs, you will find all the information you need in other to start learning cell phone repairs at Cute Mobiletech Phone Care Center for those resident in Kaduna state Nigeria. Non-resident may find this comprehensive e-Boook helpful for instant download. We have also made out time to post useful guide on this site that you might keep exploring with relevant keyword search box. 

Apply for Training: Learn More Here

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