How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers And Being Stolen By Bad Guys

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Today I will be showing you how to protect your facebook account so you don’t get hacked by preying eyes or bad guys out there who want to get your account stolen at all cost. In recent times, a lot of people complained of their facebook account being hijacked by unknown persons. Getting hacked is a very bad experience especially for those who are doing something serious on facebook beyond just chatting with friends and family.

If you are using facebook as a marketing plaform or serious business purposes, then you would have to take things more seriously by taking important measures to protect your facebook account from those looking for a loop hole and steal from you. An average facebooker relies on his or her primary login details every other person uses, this includes the normal email and password action.

In an attempt to protect your facebook account from the bad guys who want to get it stolen, the company had implemented measures to curb the menace of stolen account detail. The suggested and provided other additional account hardening tools will help you to play safe.

Most of the bad guys doing this usually impersonate the original account holder and use it as a money making machine or try to get sensitive information, or even use your profile for dating and deceiving unsuspecting victims, that is why I made up my mind and vowed that my account won’t get hacked….nevertheless if you are a hacker reading this, please don’t hack me because I respect you guys for your hard work because real hacking isn’t a simple job, it takes a lot of time and effort, and that’s why ethical hacking is really a test proof companies want to leverage to protect data.

I found out that after implementing security measures, facebook can send me a text or sms code in form of OTP (one time pin) to confirm login into my facebook account whether to allow or not. You also have option to write down about 10 codes in a paper or jotter which you can use to login in to your account just in case your phone is not with you or that the SIM with which you receive notifications is far from you. This means after using your normal email and password, you will still have to verify that its you trying to login and not an unauthorized user.

I also found out that you could use the google authenticator app. The app can be downloaded from the play store and installed. So, anytime someone tries to break in to your account, he or she will have to enter the google authenticator code which expires in seconds, though you can keep generating new ones.

Steps To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Now lets see how to setup this security measures, though you might not need to implement all the provided security settings, but setting up a few of them will help protect you a lot. Here are some of the ones I have implemented for the moment just to test things out and get you going.

  1. Locate your facebook settings and tap on it.Facebook account settings
  2. Tap on security and login to display the different security optionsFacebook account security and login
  3. See how facebook shows you approximate location and devices your facebook account is being logged in to:facebook account active login
  4. See options to edit and make your password stronger for primary login purpose only. You will also be able to choose whether to save your login details to a browser you use or device you would want to login in to without further need to enter password every time:facebook account password options
  5. Setup two-factor authentication: tap on edit and enter a phone number you would like Facebook to send a login code to. No one will be able to login to your Facebook account without this code! You also have option to get 10 recovery codes you can write down and use to recover your login just in case your phone with which to receive login code isn’t with you at the moment or that you are on transit e.t.c. You also have options to add additional backup like using google authenticator that generates a code for verifying your login to Facebook.facebook two-factor authentification
    facebook account added security two factor authenticatorfacebook security recovery codes
  6. You may also choose to backup security to protect your Facebook account to make it stiffer for the bad eggs by integrating Google authenticator app downloadable from play store, the app generates a code you will need for your Facebook login. The security key is another option to secure your Facebook account by inserting the USB or NFC device to login to your account.facebook account security backupfacebook USB NFC device security
  7. After getting to this stage, simply click on “finish” to complete the security setup.facebook two-factor authenticator
  8. Extra security: You can also request that facebook should send you alert whenever someone is trying to hijack or login to your account. You can also choose from 3 to 5 trusted friends to contact just in case you are locked out of your device in certain circumstances. facebook extra security
  9. Now, when you try to login to your Facebook account from unrecognized browser or devices, you will see following information displayed on your screen as shown below:facebook two-factor authenticator login requestfacebook two-factor authenticator request to remember browser

Now that I have shared this important update, go ahead and give it a trial and share with others how you found this out. Stay protected and don’t give your Facebook account away to criminals or others to experiment with!

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