Coming Soon: NanoTech ICT Data Plans Subscription And Prices In Nigeria

Nanotech ICT data plans and subscriptionsThe information age revolution revolves around data and internet accessibility plus high speed connectivity alongside smart up-time which is met with challenges steaming from high cost of data for most internet users, but with emerging NanoTech ICT data plans subscription and prices in Nigeria, a new trend is surfacing with smart and cost effective solutions.

NanoTech is a limited liability company registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission under the Companies and Allied Matters Act with her headquarters based in Kaduna, the preeminent capital of the defunct northern region. 

Nanotech is primarily a broadband internet company focused on providing high-speed wireless internet and data services to all categories of internet users all across Nigeria.  Additionally, Nanotech offers premium unlimited plans, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services, sale of connectivity equipment amongst others.

The company promises 95% up-time across all her internet service delivery in addition to a minimum 9000 service coverage for individuals, corporate bodies, and other institutions at the moment while she project towards a bigger coverage in the long run shortly after first year’s successful take-off. The company takes up a strategy she calls “disruptive market pricing model in serving their target markets to deliver price efficiencies for the quality of services they offer to clients”.

For most of us using data for surfing the web or online streaming, file download and upload, watching videos or gaming, database management et ceteral, this will be a great breakthrough as both light and heavy users of internet will be greeted with unbeatable quality broadband internet  services thereby leveraging on productivity via large data subscriptions at an unbelievable low price!

The Nanotech ICT data plans is divided in to two package: Firstly, the Lite Plans, secondly the Unlimited plans. The Lite Plans is divided into 5 (five) unique packs namely: 

  1. NanoTimeAccess N2,000 Monthly Plan
  2. NanoChoice (Popular) N19,500 Monthly Plan
  3. NanoPrime N25,000 Monthly Plan
  4. NanoPro N30,000 Monthly Plan
  5. NanoMax N50,000 Monthly Plan

For heavy users, the Unlimited plan can be opted for with respect to user or clients’ requirements. Since there are no price cap on this, users will have to contact customer representative for a deal. Below is a breakdown of the data packages. You can learn more about Nanotech ICT data plans subscription and prices on

NanoTech Data Plans And Subscription Prices

1 MBPS Download Speed10 MBPS Download Speed10 MBPS Download Speed10 MBPS Download Speed15 MBPS Download Speed
526 KBPS Upload Speed2 MBPS Upload Speed2 MBPS Upload Speed2 MBPS Upload Speed2 MBPS Upload Speed
50GB Data+3GB Allowance55GB Data+5GB Allowance60GB Data+10GB Allowance65GB Data+15GB Allowance70GB Data+20GB Allowance
On Handheld Bonus Bytes (2-8AM) 50GBBonus Bytes (2-8AM) 50GBBonus Bytes (2-8AM) 50GBBonus Bytes (2-8AM) 50GB

You might at this point be wondering when is this ICT company taking-off with her services? Well, Very soon enough we hope to see it coming on board! What are your thought on this upcoming breakthrough internet and data packages? Over to you!

Data Packages:

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