How To Protect Your Bank/Life Savings From Phone Snatchers Using This Method….

Due to the unending rise in unemployment, poverty and other anti-social vices in the country (Nigeria), it has become very crucial for everyone to be cautious and protective of their phones as most of the time, we often use them for business transactions in monetary transfers. When you protect your bank/life savings using the method outlined in this post, you won’t need to start running “up and down” to your service provider to block your SIM from the phone snatchers or maybe in case of a lost phone.

I once experienced my phone going away before my very eyes when two hungry looking guys approached me on a bike, coming so close as if they lost control, and while I was searching for a number, before I knew what was going on, I had “zaaaap”, and  then they fired off and left with speed, before I could say stop! they had slipped away like breeze.

I felt very sad because I saved for months to get the android phone that was stolen away, however I didn’t bother much because I had an insignificant bank balance then. The lesson I learnt from that experience was to learn how to protect my bank savings from this vampires or should I say phone sourcing criminals? You are safer when you protect your bank/life savings from bad guys.

Now let’s see how you can take workable steps to prevent your life savings from being cleared away clean in seconds! This method is not new, but for some people it might just be a new idea, or something they might not have thought of earlier.

You can protect your phone registered SIM for banking transactions by using the SIM Lock settings which you can access from your phone settings. During the early days when SIM was sold for about 25K, this setting was primarily used for blocking access to one’s phone number, messages and the ability to use the SIM for impersonation and other offenses, but now things have changed as the target of the phone snatchers now is to get access to one’s bank account via SIM possessions.

How Do I Activate My SIM Lock Settings To Protect My Life Savings Or Bank Account?

To activate your SIM lock, simply follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Go to “settings” on your phone
  2. Go to “security and locations”
  3. Select “SIM card lock”
  4. Select “lock SIM card” and then:
  5. Enter your mobile network default SIM card PIN

Before you ask about that too, here are the default SIM card PINs for the different service providers out of the box:

  1. MTN users “00000”
  2. Airtel users “1111”
  3. Glo users “0000”
  4. 9mobile users “0000”

Once you have identified your network and entered the default PIN code, you will now need to customize it with a personal PIN only you should keep in mind or know by heart! Now, to do this, simply:

  1. After entering the default PIN as listed above, you should see “change SIM PIN”
  2. Now enter your unique PIN you can easily remember
  3. Finally, you should confirm the PIN you entered by entering it the second time again and then you should be done with the process!

Once you have done all of the above, you should be rest assured that any time your phone gets missing or that someone snatches it away, it will become useless in the hands of those thieves or robbers as they wont be able to withdraw or clear your hard earned money away just like that!

If you can protect your phones with passwords and patterns and all of that, why not take the time also to protect all that Naira and Kobo you have worked very hard for over the years?

Please share this post and lets end this mess together now!

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