Prepare, WhatsApp Will Stop Working On These Smartphones In Less Than 5 Months!

Get ready for the mandatory switch as WhatsApp will stop working on some selected Android and iOs versions which are considered as “soon to be unsupported”! If you still recall, few years back, you could install whatsapp, facebook and other social apps on Blackberry phones  from version 3.6 up to 7.1. until things changed in the later years and they only got support for the higher version BB10 OS like Q and Z series. whatsapp will stop working soon

You would also remember that even small or basic Nokia phones had support for Facebook and WhatsApp until that was also laid to rest by the controlling powers! Things keep changing, and the change when it comes to smartphones, you would have no option but to bend to the rule! Gone are the days you buy a phone and you stick to it for years more than necessary, as the manufacturers will force you to abandon them or you lose important functions if you chose to stick to the “old school” or unsupported versions.

Well, haven said all that, it is now official that android versions starting from 2.3.7 backward will no longer be able to install and use Whatsapp any more come February 2020. This also affects the Apple iphones running on iOs 8 and backward. It is also settled that support will be lost for all versions of windows phone come 31st December 2019. Meanwhile, if you already have WhatsApp running on your iOs 8 now, you would be able to keep it up until 1 February 2020, but if you uninstall and try to install, you won’t be able to verify anymore unless you upgrade to a newer or supported device!

We are not happy about the fact that WhatsApp will stop working in the later months, but what can we do about it when we are left with no options? Are you prepared for this compulsory switch or are you saying no to this unfortunate situation? Over to you!

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