WhatsApp Problems And Solutions Application

In the post “WhatsApp Problems and Solutions Application”, I will be showing you how to get passed problems associated with the popular chatting app you know as WhatsApp from Facebook.

A lot of people use this chatting app for personal, or business purpose thus, it can be frustrating if for some reasons you are unable to access the app in other to meet up with some communication or business activity.

Recently, I had to painstakingly help a friend out on whatsapp problems and solutions as a result of him being unable to access his chatting app. He told me how he had tried updating the app yet to no avail which was true because I tried doing the same thing for him with no positive outcome, but at the end, the problem was fixed some other way, which is what I want to share with you amongst other important stuff to improve your user experience. If you find it helpful, just share for others in same challenge to find a way out of the ugly situation.

Some WhatsApp Problems and Solutions 

1. Unable to connect: 

When this problem shows up, you won’t be able to setup your whatsApp, you will only keep seeing the message popup, “Unable to connect, Please check that you are connected to internet and try again. Please reboot your phone if your connection problem persist!” The  problem with this is that it keeps showing up even if you try to reboot a million times.

To fix this problem, you can alternatively download an app called DualSpace Lite APK and the likes of it. Once downloaded from Play Store, go ahead and install and watch it cloning your whatsApp in a short time. As soon as the cloning is through, you will be able to use your chat app again for free.  If you like, you can opt in for a premium version of the app or stay with the free one if you are okay with the way it works to serve you.

2. Unable To Restore Previous Chat Backups:

For some, previous chats doesn’t matter much while for others, its a big deal.  While you try to to setup your chat app on a new phone or the one you are currently using, you may find it funny not being able to restore your previous chats. This happens when your WhatsApp is not associated with any back up tool.

To keep seeing your old chat record, you will need to go to settings in your chat app and then choose to backup your chat. You have the option to add a Google Gmail account to which all your chats will be backed up plus your videos if you like, but I don’t back up videos because it “sucks space”.

So, when you have added an email account, you will be able to see all your important chats once again.

3. Hijacked WhatsApp Account:

Some people are victims of account hijack leading to the lose of their account.  Just as one need to’Protect Facebook account from hackers and being stolen by bad guys, same goes for whatsApp too as it can be lost to mischievous preying eyes! Your chat app can also be protected with a code whatsapp will send to you in form of SMS or OTP to give access and protection.  To enjoy this feature, you will need to setup Two-step verification. You can find it in settings under account.

While setting it up you have an option to add email address to receive notifications. You can change, delete or reactivate your login pin at any time. For those who have lost their account on whatsApp, you will need to contact them or support to fix what went wrong. 

Share and contribute to this WhatsApp problems and solutions for mutual benefit. Catch you up soon for more update.

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