Gionee F100 Power Supply Troubleshooting Path (Battery Terminals Solution)

In this post, I share with you solution on Gionee F100 power supply troubleshooting path to fix open circuit issues.  Gionee F100 is a popular smartphone code named “London used” in Africa and Nigeria precisely with good patronage by users on a low budget.

It ships with a Mediatek MT6735 Processor chipset, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage space with microSD card slot up to 128GB.  It features a 5.0 inches HD Display, bags a 5 Megapixel rear camera with flash and a 2 Megapixel selfie camera.

gionee f100

While troubleshooting for solution, one might just find out that something is missing out of place on the circuit thus creating a need  for a reference, it is in the light of this reality we have managed to provide you with this path labelled carefully to assist you with troubleshooting open or broken path on a Gionee F100 power supply for phone’s PCB (printed circuit board).

You must have observed that most china phones do have their test points labelled which also speed up GSM phone repairs, but in some cases like the phone shown above their are no visible labeling like vbat, gnd, btemp, rx tx and so on.  So it is hoped that this will help out in taking care of that just in case you are uncertain about what connects to what while you are trying to figure things out.

Taking a careful look at the sampled Gionee F100 phone, you will observe that the relationship between the different components like resistors, diodes, capacitors, fuse and other components are outlined for referencing and inter-connectivity so you could just go ahead and tap from the most convenient source if you are dealing with an open or whatever case that this diagram labeling might assist you with now or later in the future.  Good luck.

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