MobileGo Android & iOS Manager-PC Suite [Crack Download/Install Guide]

Due to popular demand for downloadable working, and fully free version of MobileGo android and iOS manager PC Suite, I am posting this update, this is probably the best free option you would want to go with in handling all your backups/restore, phone data transfer from old to new device or lost data recovery and many more like a pro.

Just at the tap of a button, MobileGo Android and iOS manager can backup and restore all your phone contacts, call history, messages, media files, applications and settings. This is also a cracked version working fully as if you paid for it. It also does well with recovery of lost contacts, messages, pictures and more.Mobilego Home Menu

Steps to Cracking and Installing MobileGo Android & iOS Manager

  1. Download the MobileGo software application
  2. Download and install WinRAR software application on your PC, the icon would look like this:winrar to unzip mobilego
  3. Unzip the MobileGo software application using WinRAR
  4. Double-left-click on the “mobilego_full818” installer and chose “Yes” from the “Yes” or “No” prompt on screen and your MobileGo should now be installed.mobilego unzziped content
  5. Then click on crack folder above to open the contents as shown below:mobilego appfoundation
  6. You will need the third file above highlighted in light-blue as “WsAppFoundation.dll” to make it work properly.
  7. Now minimize your entire PC Window and look for the MobileGo icon on your desktop:mobilego icon
  8. Right-click on the MobileGo icon and choose “open file location” Then you should see a bunch of files like this:mobilego android & ios pc suite
  9. Now go back in step 6 and left-click and drag “WsAppFoundation.dll” into the bunch of files you see in step 9 above.

Once you are through following the steps as outlined above, then your mobilego is fully cracked and should be working perfectly.  You have to follow the procedure, otherwise it only function as a trial version for a few days and you won’t be able to use it anymore and you will be required to buy the registered official version.

Disclaimer: This article is for demonstration purpose only, you may wish to explore the full power of this tool even more on their website.



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