Itel P15 Slow Charging IC Solution

In this post, I share Itel P15 Slow Charging IC Solution. As you may already beware, there could be one or more issues responsible for phone charging problems which may be due to the following detail below:

Itel P15 Slow Chaging IC Solution

iTel P15 Specs Highlight:

  • Mediatek MT6580A Chipset
  • 5 Inches HD  Screen
  • 4000mAh battery
  • 16GB ROM/1GB RAM Size
  • Face Unlock
  • Rear Mount Fingerprint etc.

Causes of iTel P15 Slow Charging

  1. Partial charging point pins/port contact
  2. Damaged, broken or worn out charging port inner pins
  3. High charging resistors resistance
  4. Corrosions or dirt in charging base
  5. Bad charging base or sub.
  6. Faulty Charging Integrated Circuit Chip

When dealing with problem like this, it is better and safer to start with less complicated fix by troubleshooting minor causes before going further to change the charging IC because it might not be really an IC problem probably.

One should be on the look out for possible causes in the order the likely causes have been listed above: partial contact, broken inner pins, high resistance, corrosions, bad charging base or sub. etc. 

Before embarking on IC replacement you might probably want to do a diode jumper like the one in an earlier post here to see if things get better, although the diode jumper might not be functional for all phone models due to level of sophistication of charging control component for some phones like LGs, Samsung, iPhones etc. And be careful with IC replacement so as not to end up with a dead phone!

When Resistance of a charging resistor goes way too high than normal value, one can expect a low voltage supply which make it impossible for quick adding of battery charging bars when a device is plugged in.

Itel P15 Charging IC Replacement

After doing first checks and you are sure its time to change the IC, you may go ahead with the replacement procedure as seen in the image below.

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