How to Start Mining Bitcoin Satoshi BTCs Free on Your Phone!

In this post, I show you how to start mining Bitcoin Satoshi BTCs free on your phone silently. Hopefully you will be part of this airdrop if you don’t wait until it’s over!

For those of us who have been hearing about the noise of crypto currency mining and are afraid or not willing to invest in mining or buying to own some of it, this is your chance to enjoy and get familiar with these things just maybe to clear your doubt and start aquiring knowledge in this space!

Mining is capital intensive owing to the fact that it involves huge hardware mining machines doing the 24 hours hard job round the clock, on top of that, these machines and computers would need to stay running that way meaning, there is cost of power supply, keeping them air conditioned at a moderate temperature, and other facilities, staff and maintenance cost etc. One can’t bear these cost alone.

However, via the Satoshi mining app, you will be using, you will be able to receive the spread share of these mined Core BTCs coins and the BTC rewards as you take some task and promote the company doing that as they get more of their app users. 

Satoshi Nakamoto is synonymous with the revered Bitcoin. If you had 1 Bitcoin then in 2008 when it was a free ICO, you will be having a $23k digital asset today! Take advantage of free ICOs (initial coin offering) to learn about Cryptos world before you start investing! Cryptos are usually given for free at initial stage to create awareness and popularity, but it stops when the target issue is attained and get on the exchanges!

Don’t be ignorant, Cryptos are the currency of the “now future!” Elon Musk, Bill Gates and top Politicians in your country have these assets in quantum, Crypto hostile nations don’t approve of it and will ban your bank account on such transactions in restricted countries e.g. China, Nigeria etc. Get your freedom, money is getting paperless and decentralized…!

Start Mining Now

How to get Started:

  1. Sign-up with your email and create/enter any password of your choice.
  2. Paste the code emailed to you in the box that will show up (for you to be registered) as confirmed.
  3. Then you will be required to download and install the Satoshi App (it will display on same page were you are viewing.
  4. Enter your email and password on the app and login.
  5. Then you will need to tap on “me,” then tap on your profile to do your facial verification and that’s it, you are set to star mining

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You Can Boost Your Mining Rate:

Once you are done with facial verification process, your mining starts. You start receiving, 0.0000096 Bitcoin Satoshi daily (Satoshi is the small unit of Bitcoin you can accumulate just like cent is for Dollar), you have to claim it before another mining kickstarts on daily basis. 

Aside mining Free Bitcoin, you are also mining the main Core Satoshi BTCs, you can increase other things that will boost your mining like your hash rate power and this can be achieved by creating and joining exchanges (it means to copy and share the codes you will generate when you tap on “initiate an exchange”), all of this are simply. You will become familiar with them by observation.

By sharing the copied code and sending in telegram group, others copy and enter in their cards dialogue box and increase their hashtate (mining power) and vice-versa.

How To Make Withdrawals:

Making Withdrawals required that you accumulate up to 0.0003 BTCs, you simply do that by tapping on the “Me” at the bottom right of your app dashboard, click on the BTC option, to create a withdrawal password and followed by your crypto wallet address where you can store your earnings. There are other more stuffs and give-away packed in for users as they learn more on how it works using the interface!

Don’t wait until it is over, enjoy!

Start Mining Now


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