Software GSM Phone Repairs Manual eBook

software gsm repairs manual eBook









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Table of Content:

  1. Introduction to Software Repairs
  2. What phone software repair is all about and your mind-set for success
  3. Why phone software repairs or services
  4. Terminologies used in software repairs
  5. CHIPSETS: Different phone chipset, processors or CPUs and why you must know them
  6. PHONE DETECTION: How to detect type of phone chipset, processors or CPUs to connect to Computer for flashing/software repair service
  7. TECHNICALITIES: How flashing applies differently for different phone types Chipset.
  8. Different phone flashing software programs
  9. Different phone flashing box you should know how to use
  10. FLASHING SOFTWARES: Best free cracked box phone flashing software for start-ups 
  11. Best paid phone flashing software for pro Repairs
  12. How to troubleshoot and detect Software problems in phones
  13. Common and rare software problems
  14. SYSTEM SETUP FOR FLASHING: What different phone USB drivers are and how to install them on PC  differently for MEDIATEK, SPREADTRUM, QUALCOMMN and SAMSUNG’S EXYNOS.
  15. Disabling driver signature verification for windows 8 and 10 operating system and above
  16. Dos and don’ts of software flashing (before you do your first flashing operation)
  17. What phone firmware or flash file is, where it resides and what it does
  18. What you should know before downloading PC and phone firmware files
  19. PRACTICAL FLASHING OPERATIONS: Selected flashing operation tutorial (step by step repair from start to finish)
  20. ERRORS: Flashing “errors” and fix


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