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Sponsored Post Guidelines:

At Cute Mobiletech, we write articles, review products and services, publish articles from other blogs/sites and putting your sponsored post in front of the right audience that matter to your business thereby leading to greater conversion and profit. Sponsored post are usually paid publications and would be accepted and published when they met our guidelines.

If you are interested in getting your post published on Cute Mobiletech with a quality link back to your website, this also is called advertisement and thus need paid sponsorship. We also mention that they are sponsored in keeping with FTC standard regulations. The post will normally end with a byline mentioning, “This  blog post was sponsored by (Name)”.

Cute Mobiletech will only accept sponsored posts only when we will be informed in advance.  The charged fee for sponsored post are relatively negotiable base on your requirements. It might interest you to know that users via organic search traffic, direct site visit, social media and email subscribers have a good engagement of up to an average 20 minutes which reduces bounce rate and thus getting your sponsored articles shinning in front of prospects.

According to Alexa ranking, we currently rank less than 300,000 globally and less than 2,000 in Nigeria which keeps improving overtime thus creating the opportunity to put your ads in front of thousands of potential clients leading to more conversion and profits for your business, more so a tech niche such as Cute Mobiletech focuses more on phone solutions as we know everyone needs a phone and are always looking to know or fix something about their device and thus discovering your products or services too!

Sponsored post must not be less than 250 words, and we also reserve the right to edit or format the post in ways it will fit our theme. We shall also check for grammatical errors and others for editing purpose. We shall allow only maximum of 3 links to your site as per Google guideline.

The post for submission should include at least 1 high resolution image relevant to it, and you most have right to such image to curb against copyright issues as we will not accept any content in violation. Images as well as videos with creative commons permission are allowed here.

Payment for sponsored post must be made in advance, and we will show kind gesture for renewed sponsorship after sponsorship expiration date.

Be informed also that we equally have reserved right to accept or reject any post if we notice compatibility issues with your type or format of content.

It is worthy of note to state here that we do not have any relationship or affiliation to the sponsors, and the views expressed therein are that of their respective owners. 

If you would like to sponsor a post on Cute Mobiletech, simply use the contact form here.


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