5 Things To Consider Before Buying Phones


5 things to consider before buying phonesWhen planning for a new smartphone, one would definitely need to put certain things into consideration so as not to end up paying for devices that will not be able to deliver. 

Below are points for your considerations:

Real 5 Things To Consider Before Buying Phones

1. Basic Internal Phone Features

    • Android version
    • Processing speed
    • RAM speed
    • Chipset Type
    • Internal storage
    • Network/Connectivity
    • Camera (selfie and rear)
    • Battery capacity

Now lets focus on these basic internal phone features you should pay attention to while on the mission of getting the best smartphone of your choice.

Android Version

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Phones

Android version plays a great role in “phone user experience”, thus when buying a phone you should rather go for those with higher android versions. Companies like banks and many others do occasionally update their apps. e.g the mobile banking apps. When an app is upgraded and your phone is behind in terms of android version, you won’t be able to use that app again unless you get a compatible phone with higher android version! So, you should go for phones from 6.0, 7.0, 8.1 and above for better experience so you won’t have to battle with issues like “phone is not optimized” for certain apps. downloaded from whatever store you have to get them from. e.g Play Store or so.

Processing Speed

You definitely do not want a lagging situation where you would have to Wait longer than necessary before your phone loads an application. To enjoy speed go for phones from 1.3Ghz, 1.4Ghz, 2.0Ghz processing speed and above.

Chipset (Mobile Phone Processors) Type

5 things to consider before buying phones

Phones are generally built on different chipsets that powers their functionality. There are lots of the SoCs (System on Chips) which different manufacturers in the phone industry have adopted for their brands base on several factors. Most cheap chipsets are usually intergrated in to  phones for afordability while the ones you will find in high ended devices are those of luxury! 

Some of the big chipsets includes Qualcommn’s Snapdragon Chipsets, Samsungs’s Exynos Chipsets, Huawei’s Kirin Chipsets and the Mediatek MTK Chipsets found in most phones like Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, etc. Others includes Spreadtrum Chipsets, Coolsand/RDA Chipsets, Mstar Chipsets etc..integrated in to most budget phones. 

RAM Capacity

The Random Access Memory capacity is crucial to speedy downloads, great browsing experience, fast access to files or data recall when carrying out operations on your phone or installing an app and this makes it indispensable amongst the 5 things to consider before buying phones. If you use a phone with a smaller RAM space you will be compromising your right to speed while using your phone and also limiting the number of apps you can install on it! Go for phones with at worst 1GB but 2, 3,  or 4GB RAM and above is best.

Internal Storage

Phone internal storage capacity determines how much of videos, mp3s, pictures and other files your phone can accommodate. The larger the internal storage the better, otherwise you will constantly be getting a storage low warning! Low storage will necessitate buying an SD card as an alternative though! So, you might consider picking those with 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512GB and above.

Remember that it is wise to have a backup of important files just to make sure you have access to them when your phone goes dead which is something inevitable with phones generally!

Network Support

5 things to consider before buying phones

Another factor that you would want to check out is the network support. Most phones today are built on the 3G network. While 4G phones became trendy in 2018, 2019 will welcome the 5G network support in this 5th generation trend there by offering the fastest ever internet experience. Forget about 2G phones, in fact, if possible go for 4G instead of the popular 3G phones for best calling/internet experience though that might be an expensive option!

Camera (Selfie And Rear)

5 things to consider before buying phones (2)

Selfies have undoubtedly taken over the front stage of smartphones as this has become the most compelling feature most users don’t want to miss out of amongst 5 things to consider before buying phones! You would notice that some phone have more priority on the selfie Mega Pixels than the primary rear cameras. Selfies got viral and many people got insane about that as the ecstasy of video calling, Skype, WhatsApp call and the need for self-photography kept growing….and now we have phones coming with four rear cameras with 2 or 3 selfie cameras at the front thereby facing digital cameras almost out of market!

In choosing cameras on the average level, whether for selfies or rear cameras, take the limit from 13MP, 16MP, 20MP and above so that you can still enjoy quality videos or photography at any time of the day even in dark situations with the integrated soft-flash functionality!

Battery Size

5 things to consider before buying phones

In this days of unusual heavy social media platform engagement and more and more execution of “jobs on the go”, one can not but see the inevitable need for larger batteries. as it should be a major priority amongst the 5 things to consider before buying phones!

We now see phones coming with up to 6000mAh batteries which promises to last up to four days. This is the battery specs you should be aiming at if you care about conquering power outage!

2. Basic External Phone Features

5 things to consider before buying phones

Notch designed Infinix Hot 6X

    • Display
    • Resolution
    • Dimension
    • Notch
    • Bezels

Display size, LCD (liquid crystal display), screen resolution (clarity/sharpness), dimension (length, breath and weight), Notch (slight stylish curvy-cut-off at the top of a phone) and the bezel (screen to body ratio) are all factors to consider externally base on individual preferences. 

3. Phone SIM/Network Lock Status

Am sure you wouldn’t  want to end up buying a phone only to discover that you will still have to pay extra for it to get unlocked to your SIM network! Phone meant for other country mobile network will not accept your country SIM without getting them unlocked to your network and that will cost you extra spending, sometimes even close to the cost of buying the phone! Example are foreign phones locked to AT&T, Oetc.

4. Financial Considerations/Second-hand Value 

Phones are generally grouped into high-end, mid-range and low-range devices base on their quality and capabilities, how expensive or cheap they are and other factors.  The competitiveness in the industry offers lots of devices to chose from base on your needs and ability to pay.  Go for phones that suits your budget and have resale value just in case you plan on upgrading later on as this also is part of the 5 things to consider before buying phones!

5. Phone Originality/Spare Parts Availability

5 things to consider before buying phones

Lastly, you will have to make sure you are clear on Phone originality so you don’t end up with fake phones exposed the smart way! You should also be certain on the availability of parts, otherwise you might render an expensive phone useless in your hands if you find out later that there is no spare part for your phone when something goes wrong.

Note: Additionally, depending on the nature of your job, you might put the material composition and design into consideration as well. Do not buy flashy phones with glass body architecture instead of the rubber/plastic, wooden or metal materials as glass bodies are easily broken or damaged if you do a “hard job” as opposed to one doing a less rigorous “office work”. 

You should find out about the availability of parts like  the LCD screen display, touch pad, batteries, casing etc. 

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Did you find these 5 things to consider before buying phones helpful? Would you like to share in comment below a challenge you have or had with choosing the right phones to let others know how you tackled it or need some help? 

Do like and share this article to let others know what you found out! Goodluck with your devices.

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