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These are links to general phone problems and their solutions in structured order. The solutions presented here were from practical experience! If you are looking for specific phone problems and their solutions, you may use the search box to search for those we have made available on this blog.

If you have tested solutions you want to share here, feel free to make your contribution and get proper credit for it. This blog is committed to making things as simple as they can be for all to benefit. 

Links to phone solutions on this blog will be added subsequently. You can search for them here on your own anyway. Happy learning folks.

Hardware Section

  1. Card Level GSM Phone Parts And Their Functions
  2. Identifying Phone Parts And Their Funtions (Small Parts)
  3. Identifying Phone Parts And Their Funtions (Big Parts)
  4. Multi-Meter Testing/Measuring Phone Parts
  5. Phone Mouthpiece Problem Solution
  6. Phone Earpiece Problem Solution
  7. Phone Speaker Problem Solution
  8. Phone USB Charging Problem Solution
  9. Dead Phone Power Problem Solutions
  10. Phone Rebooting Problem Solutions
  11. Battery Temperature is too High or Low Disconnect Charger Problem Solutions
  12. How to Solve Error Please Unplug Charger & Charging Error”!
  13. All Phone Network Problem Solution
  14. Phone LCD Display Screen Problems Solution
  15. Phone Touch Screen Calibrator Problem Solution
  16. Phone LCD Screen Backlight Solution

Software Section

  1. Rooting Android Phones And Why So
  2. How To Backup Phone Before Flashing
  3. What Flashing is And How To Flash Different Phones
  4. How To Flash All Mediatek Android Phones
  5. How To Flash Spreadtrum Android Phones
  6. How To Write Spreadtrum/Mediatek Phone IMEI
  7. How To Fix USB Not Recognized
  8. How To Remove Google FRP Lock
  9. Phone Memory Low Problem Solution
  10. How To Remove Phone Security Without Losing Files
  11. Phone Not Optimized For Apps Solution
  12. Slow/Hanging Phone Problem Solutions

More solutions and their direct links will be added here subsequently to save time spent searching.

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