New China Nokia-3310 Searching Network Solution (F1100, TKK 3310..)

Hi, in this post, I will be generously sharing with you a discovery on the “New China Nokia-3310 Searching Network Solution” issues and others like Fero F1100, TKK 3310 Searching Network problem solution as there exist similarity in their PCB (printed circuit board). This is actually a network problem that could be traceable to any of the following circumstances amongst others as listed below:


    • A hard fall on the ground.
    • A bad or shorted component network IC, RF, diode, capacitors, resistor or CPU etc.
    • Network cables or broken flakes path, antenna switch etc.

The new china Nokia-3310 searching network problem solution is meant to tackle issues of SIM network not being displayed or detected as a result of unending searching problem. The first time I was confronted with this problem, I knew one could keep waiting for eternity if the problem is not fixed.

Troubleshooting China Nokia-3310 Searching Network Problem

In solving unending network searching problem solution, one would really need to troubleshoot for the cause of the problem. Thus, it becomes necessary to find out the following:

What To Find Out

  1. Did the Phone fall on a hard floor or water?
  2. Did it happen after servicing the phone (software or hardware)?
  3. Or did it just happen like that?

With respect to the new china nokia-3310 searching network problem solution under consideration, I found out that the problem fell under option number three (3) as the problem of searching happened just like that.

What You Can Do To Fix New China Nokia-3310, Fero, TKK Searching Network Problem

Just as shown in the image below, the highlighted component is a network IC, when this IC is slightly de-soldered as a result of wear and tear or impact of subsequent hard fall, the unending searching problem will surface.

How To Fix New China Nokia 3310 Phone, Fero, TKK Searching Network Solution

There are two things done in the case of this phone: The network IC was serviced with rework station without any result because the problem wasn’t as a result of de-soldering. The next step was to remove and replace the IC. After the replacement, the problem was finally gone for good!

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