How to Fix Disappearing Deleting Apps Icon from Phone’s Home Screen

Looking out for solution on how to fix disappearing deleting apps icon from phone’s home screen? Well, it is hoped that this article will be of help in your quest for solving this annoying problem!how to fix disappearing or deleting apps icon from phone’s home screen

Causes of Disappearing Deleting Apps From Phone’s Home Screen

While troubleshooting the problem of “disappearing deleting apps icon from phone’s home screen”, I came to the conclusion that this is actually a software related problem which will not respond to hardware solution as it has a lot to do with the OS (operating system) or firmware.

Whenever this problem occurs, there are a few things you can decide on doing to solve this problem.

Possible Solutions

    • System setting
    • Catche Files
    • Firmware update
    • Official (stock) or custom firmware flash
    • Bad Flash Memory IC

System Settings

Firstly, bear in mind that this problem has varying degrees or level of complexity, however, starting with “first things first”, you might consider doing a setting check first as this might be fixed just that way.  Depending on your phone make (brand), the settings path may differ, but you should be looking out for the “hide or show apps”, “hide or show third party apps” on home screen or other variations.

If you found out that the third-party apps are hidden try to make them show by activating them in same setting area under display or depending on your phone architecture.

Catche Files

Secondly, while on your quest to find out how to fix disappearing deleting apps icon from phone’s home screen, you might also want to consider clearing and deleting the “launcher catche and data files” as well. Doing this helps to clear out or delete any conflicting file that might be responsible for the conflict that results in disappearing or deleting apps icon from phone’s home screen in some cases.

OTA (Over The Air)Update

Thirdly, to fix disappearing deleting apps icon from phone’s home screen, you would probably need to also try out doing an OTA Update as explained in another article here.

OTA update helps with solving a number of software related problems as well. It helps with fixing bugs that might cause disturbing irregularities and updating your phone’s operating system as well as android version, security path level amongst others.

Official (Stock) or Custom Firmware Flash

If after trying out the above outlined solutions you discover that the problem is still not solved, you will have to do the software flashing for that particular model of phone! The main challenge with flashing phone is getting the right or exact software or firmware build ID nos. for the exact faulty phone. Without having the exact or compatible build ID, it becomes an uphill task to tackle.

Bad Flash Memory IC

Finally, after doing all of the above, if you still see that the problem does not get solved, you should know at this point that the case is a critical one as it might have to do with the flash memory IC. If that is the case, the flash memory IC will have to replaced for things to get back to normal.

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If you are resolved on going ahead with flashing your phone, make sure you are clear on how to do a flash  for that particular make or you should contact a professional for safety to help you out with that so you don’t end up with a soft or hard brick phone while trying to fix it yourself without knowing how!

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