Enjoy Top Social Media: WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, News & Almost Free Browsing Apps Monthly!

In this update, I show you how to enjoy social media: WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, News and almost free browsing apps!

Owing to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, life had become unfair to many, yet the need to keep socializing on the internet is indispensable, added to this problem is the need for data to stay online to keep in touch with friends, family, clients and the world at large, but this is made difficult with the unfair data prices, validity and unfair usage policies.

So, what do we do in the face of all these? We just look for other alternatives and move on with life until things get better for us to start making choices relative to available improved income.free browsing app

If you are on the MTN network, this post will benefit you at the moment! You will need four things to enjoy these Top Social Media and Almost Free Browsing Apps Monthly as follow:

  1. Your Android Phone
  2. Be on the MTN network
  3. Have to spare (N250 monthly) or less (N100 Weekly) (N50 Daily)
  4. Download Opera Mini App.

Note: if you try to share phone “Hotspot” to your Laptop, it won’t work with PC except otherwise!

How the Almost Free Browsing Apps Monthly Works

You will have to spare (N250 monthly) or less (N100 Weekly) (N50 Daily). To enjoy the 1Month of Top Social Media App like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram TikTok, Ayoba, 2Go, WeChat, Eskimi and the Opera Mini News, you need just N250 only when you are really broke or on a budget plan owing to pressing needs.

Activate your monthly plan by dialing *131# send, chose nos. (2) social bundle option and select nos. (6) to get all the social media bundle or Opera Mini alone. As your plan is activated, turn your data on, try to launch your opera mini app and test browsing by going online, you should see a popup message telling you that you have been given 50MB free daily browsing data.

You would be able to browse all your favorite site using the opera mini app on your phone. Google interface would show up in the opera mini app, but don’t think of going to launch your Google Chrome, Firefox and the rest, they will not work on that platform as it is meant for opera mini users only.

Though this offer might not look that great, however it could be a life saver with this pandemic biting into many pockets! 

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