Breaking: Google Services To Disappear Soon From Huawei Phones

huawei-logoHuawei is a known authority in the Android smartphone industry that has carved a niche for herself with lots of followership with its flagship smartphones in circulation across boarders, but things seems to be going out of shape as she begins to face US trade sanctions that will cause google services to disappear soon from their later devices.

The tech giant’s, (Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd) dark cloud battle over trade ban in recent times isn’t unconnected with the alleged affiliation and security breaches levelled at it in relation to Iran ties!

The implications of the said trade ban resulted in the US government orders to Google’s disconnect with Huawei which implies withdrawal of support for Google services like the Gmail, Play Store, Chrome, Google Go, Google’s android updates and a host of other services!

Beyond 19th August 2019, Huawei is scheduled to lose her extended license support for older and newer devices before the expiration except if things turns out well on the negotiations!

Amidst all the tussles, Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei remains confident as the company appears to have got all necessary plans to make the switch and continue to give her customers better user experience. However, if Huawei doesn’t find a way around the ordeal, it will have to resort to the AOSP (open source android project) which also gets bits of Google’s imputes as an open source.

Furthermore, ARM, an American origin chip manufacturing company based in the UK has ceased to carry out business with the embattled Huawei on orders of the US government through the commerce department which breaths a sigh of gloom and dummy weathers ahead! Panasonic, Intel and others backing down. 

Could this lead to the demise of the popular Huawei brands in the market as the manufacturing processes of their products rely much on ARM’s hardware chips integration in colab with Huawei’s own Kirin or should we expect a major breakthrough from Huawei’s passion for R&D (research and development) that will change the narrative? Answers to this and many others can only calm our curiosity as we look forward to what’s next!


After several weeks of US trade ban on Huawei, Donald J. Trump (the US president) finally lifts trade sanctions! However, Huawei has already got her hands on her own Ark/Hongmeng OS which is reported to be more faster than the Google’s own android operating system. Well for Huawei’s heart broken fans amidst the struggle, this should be a welcome development anyway!

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