Google Go Lite Voice Browser Reads For You

Google Go Lite Voice Browser Reads For You with some other features included in the pack!google go lite browserWith Google’s own web browser, you are set to surf the net with user options for control over how you want it.

From user generated reviews of experienced users, the Google’s Chrome, Google and Google Go browsers gives better and quality user experience as it has zero tolerance for distractive ad pop-ups that result in bad surfing experience which is popular with most news, and gossip browser always poping up gambling platforms and all sort of bad user experience that hinders getting page or content value except for the chrome browser phisher that has got a hit!

The new Google Go Lite Voice Browser Reads for you which is a feature influencing how content is being delivered in the 21st century’s internet sphere! With this voiced content delivery automation, publishers are tasked to deliver error free content as this can lead to defect in delivery! With this new entry, written text based content is listened to as though its an Mp3 or pod cast! So if you can’t read or if you have language barrier you are covered.

Its ability and functionality of working even with 2G network has the advantage of allowing go version low end phones with little memory space to still do more stuff. The Google Go browser goes around 5MB or so while the original Google browser is around 145MB or more with occasional updates rolling in like flood and taking up more space!

Key Features:

  1. Searches Web Pages
  2. Reads Web Pages
  3. Discovers New Apps

Search Web Pages With Quick User Suggestions

With the first feature, users will be able to search the web pages with quick suggested search keywords relating to something they are looking for with light speed! When the page opens, two options are prompted on screen: “lite browsing or the full browsing experience ” the lite mode presents web pages a bit faster, but the downside is that it doesn’t have tolerance for plugins!

Plugins makes it possible to extend webpage functionality by presenting other page interface like email sign ups or subscription, GDPR cookies policy terms of service, Gtranslate, social counters served in widgets etc.

If you want a complete user experience, then you have to turn off the lite mode to browse normally with other functionalities. The lite idea is about light speed browsing so that other stuffs a dropped off.

Reads Web Pages Aloud For You

This seem to be the selling point of this idea! It gives you content flexibility. Here, you can decide to either read or listen to content by pressing the play button straight away; users can forward, rewind and even pause! That’s Google’s power of convenience for you.

Discover New Apps From Google Go Lite Voice Browser

With Google Go browser, you can simply swipe to the left on your phone’s home screen and discover apps you can add to your browser’s menu and also remove them just with a tap and hold action.

Well for me, I don’t like Google Go Lite voice browser, but when am feeling lazy and tired and my eyes and head aching, I go for it anyway. If you like the idea, you can download Google Go from the play store.

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