Rumored: Soon You Will Be Able To Use WhatsApp On Multiple Devices With Single Account

The ability to use whatsapp on multiple devices has been the dream of many users of this outstanding app on the go! Though this dream seems to be far fetched, a rumore source reveals that whatsapp is developing the app to make it accessible on different mobile platforms with single account.whatsapp icon

If you are a whatsapp user, you must have noticed that while exploring your whatsapp on a particular device, say for instance your Infinix hot 6 and then you try to install and launch it on another phone or tablet of yours, you just found out that you are unable to login to your first phone because you have been automatically logged out of your first device. Whatsapp on multiple devices will change this.

With whatsapp on multiple devices, the rest will be “story for the gods”! as you will then be able to have your same account on multiple devices like Facebook, Telegram and others. That is to say your whatsapp account can be accessed from your laptop without you synchronizing your phone via camera to QR code, you will  be able to have your same account on your tablet, phone and PC.

All of these won’t have restriction on whether it’s an android, window, iOs or blackberry device thereby giving flexibility and inter-connectivity for ease. though there are high-end devices that ship with the ability to host dual whatapp account.  This upcoming development will be a great relief for those who do a lot with this application online whether for digital marketing campaings, keeping in touch with business clients, families and friend et ceteral.

Are you a whatsapp user looking forward to this? Well let’s keep our hopes up for this update soonest as this will make our lives somewhat easy for the hustles!

What’s your thought on this? Let’s hear your views guys.  

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