Phone LCD Display Solution For All Devices

In this article, “Phone LCD Display Solution”, I will be showing you how to tackle screen or LCD related issues of smartphone as using smartphone comes with lots of challenges in the long run while we strive to get the best phone user experience we can possibly have! Maintaining a lasting phone screen display calls for so much care and attention while using a dream smartphone, one of the ways to keep off damaging experience could be to get acquainted with “13 tips to keep your phone running smoothly”!

What Is LCD Display?

Firstly, an LCD is the digital display interface of your phone, it is the interactive part where you see what goes on as you give commands or tap on an icon, watch a video, play music or games etc. When the LCD (liquid crystal display) is damaged, you one won’t be able to enjoy it anymore.

Affected screen will require a Phone LCD Display Solution with proper diagnosis and repairs.

Likely Affected Areas Of Phone LCD Display

The screen of a phone is made up of the main display and the calibrator or touch screen. The main display is for display as it implies, while the calibrator is for operational purpose.

An affected main display will result in pure white blank display, completely black out main display. On the part of a calibrator, it mostly get affected when a fall or a crack occurs thereby making it difficult to operate the keypad/keyboard during an SMS or a chat or any type of data entry per-say.

Watch Advance LCD Screen Replacement 

This video takes you through the best LCD screen replacement visuals.


Causes Of Phone LCD Display Problem

There are a lot of possible causes to LCD display problem, and I have managed to make a list of them here.  They include but are not limited to the following:

    • Production Fault: Production related faults are one out of many possible causes that necessitate Phone LCD Display Solution. This happens when you buy a smartphone only to find yourself going asking for warranty considerations when the display develops an early problem. This is why companies should be flexible about this policy as users might feel cheated if they are not compensated accordingly.
    • Water Damage: This is when a phone experiences water splash or falls in to it or any other liquid that conducts electric current. Liquids, especially H20 (water) that conducts electricity will easily convey electrons that will eventually create a chemical reaction with the battery leading to explosions and damages to internal components on the phone’s PCB or the logic and power unit of the mobile phone. “25% of phones fixed at mobiletech are water damage related and are very challenging though good recovery successes have been recorded”!
    • Bad Phone Chargers: None-OEM chargers that falls short of standard specification are also one of the known causes of display and charging problems we have found to be part of the pack! Sometimes, it could be as a result of using a faulty charger which may still be an original one.
    • Faulty Components: The mobile phone is only mobile and handy, but is also like a PC. It is a system of its own kind and has so many parts that are inter-dependent. When one component is bad others could become affected and later may result in further complications that could temporarily or permanently affect a phone’s display! Components that may necessitate a Phone LCD Display Solution may include parts like. Shorted diode, bad fuse and resistors, Shorted capacitor, main display IC (integrated circuit) GPU (graphic display unit) and so on.
    • A Hard (Sharp) Fall: This is the most common cause that necessitate Phone LCD Display Solution. Most users will at one time or the other experience the falling of phones, and when this happens, possibility are that some components that controls screen display might become faulty and halt your phone from performing smoothly. A hard fall, especially on a hard floor is detrimental and could result in damaged screen and even dead phone!
    • Corrupt Firmware: The firmwares are the program instructions that controls and give the phone a “life to live”. Therefore, when the firmwares are corrupted by viruses or malicious apps, things could go bad resulting in screen display issues like blue screen, screen discolorations, diminishing or dimming graphic display on and on….
    • Wrong or Custom OS: Wrong or custom OS or firmwares can result in Phone LCD Display Problem. This is amongst the causes of Phone LCD Display Problem, especially in Mediatek powered devices like Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, etc.

Aside the list of possible causes of Phone LCD display problem, there are others not in this list which we will cover when this article is subsequently updated. But let me also add that the CPU bad condition could result in LCD display problem too if it has been badly affected.

Phone LCD Display Problem Solution

To be precise, when it comes to LCD display solution, there is no one clear cut way to achieve this. The only way we know for now that is working for us is the “ancient path”, we call “troubleshooting”, so if you are ready to fix that screen display problem, you will have to get ready for “shooting with your weapon”. Oh, don’t get it wrong, the weapon am talking about is your problem finding tool. That is why you can’t be a successful phone technician if you have not mastered the art of using the multi-meter and other machines meant for this purpose.

After a good troubleshooting, one will be able to find out the cause of the problem and possible solutions. If it’s a production fault, make claims of warranty. If the problem is associated with internal components like stated in no 4 above, you will have to do the checks and replacements accordingly. If you found out that it was a water damage use your cleansing agent to clean up preferably cleansing alcohol or menthylated spirit as it dries up easily. A rework station will speed up the drying process and the phone should display again if it’s a minor case. If you discover that it was caused by a corrupt or wrong firmware do flash in the correct original firmware that is compatible as flashing a wrong variant will normal result in display issues!

Did you find this piece useful in any way? Would you like to share your experience with display related issues in the comment section below and let others know how you tackled it or need some help?

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