Google’s #AndroidHelp – To Fix Your Android Phone Problems

Phones often develop one issue or the other as you keep using them over time, some of which are overheating, hanging or bootlooping, lagging, camera not working, some apps missing from home screen or just misbehaving, whatever the case may be, you can lay your complaint and wait for response when it comes so you can implement.

The Google’s #AndroidHelp is the hashtag you need to include in your querries If you are an android fan experiencing software issues. If you are yet to get your twitter account, you can take advantage of this moment and get mobile phone solutions given to solve your mobile phone problems via the twitter handle platform.

While we strive to provide helpful solution on cute mobile tech, we do not hesitate to keep you abreast with other platforms that can also be of benefit, so long your phone is in good shape, we are cute! Below is the twitter handle.

Google promises that with the hashtag #AndroidHelp, anyone using an android phone will be able to get assisted as follows:

  • General Troubleshooting 
  • Identity and Authentication
  • Accessibility
  • Security 
  • Plus many other helpful android features

Going through the platform, I could hardly find any helpful response yet maybe due to the COVID19 situation they are unable to respond. Notwithstanding, you can still count on that as things soft pedals soon!

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