5G Network Controversy, Its Effects on Humans and the Environment

Amidst the 5G network controversy, no doubt, we attest to the gains of technological advancements in our 21st century world where artificial intelligence is at the heart of the internet of things, the trend keeps changing!

While keeping with changing trends of things, it becomes of necessity to also be cautious and maybe ask questions as to the possibilities of some health hazards associated with such technologies without necessarily being a professional.

The 5G network controversy had been the talk on table in correlation with the COVID19 outbreak as residents in areas where the 5G network millimetre wave technology mast have been installed are expressing fears that it is posing threat to lives as it could be responsible for infertility, brain cancers and eventually death cases!

Some residents having this installation near their residence claimed that their birds, flowers and trees were dying from high radiation Impact. As you would see in some interesting videos like the one shared on the internet.

According to those residents with firsthand experience in the UK who protested on this, it can take between five to six months before the impact becomes visible. The sickening effects of radiation it generates can lead to death as opined!

Furthermore, evidences from sources, proved that the part or side of the trees directly facing the 5G MWave mast dries up faster than the opposite side of the trees.

Last year 2019, a Chines origin Tech company known as Huawei which is based in the US was reportedly given trade sanctions on grounds of spying and security threats to the U.S in favour of their enemies and the Chines government. The sanctions barred Huawei from dealing in software and hardware components needed for the tech equipment and communication devices China strongly depend on US for which includes those from Google, Microsoft and the rest.

Amidst the panic, and the fear of death brooding in the hearts of  men globally, it seemed as if it opened doors to top leakages on the agenda of China and the world’s men of affluence and influence like Bill Gates, the Rockerfellers, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk, Jef Bezos etc who are synonymous with the idea of the need to depopulate the world using technology and science as weapon.

It was reveal that Wuhan being known as a place noted for notorious habit of eating lively animals or creatures, is more suitable for camouflaging the bio-engineered COVID19 virus so that the death will be attributed to a virus they might have picked up as result of what they are disposed to eating.

Most sources revealed that the 5G network is meant to experiment the sickening effects on victims so a code could be engineered to protect people from the negative radiation effects on people as the network begins to spread across all nations.

Wide opinion across the net and non-mainstream media holds that the sickening effects of 5G would be the selling point for forcing people to accept the COVID19  vaccine carrying the quantum dot tattoo which is a digital ID the new world order intend to use for achieving her goals.

From all indications, it is obvious that what can threaten the existence of living things like trees can also affect humans. Should we deny this fact or should we shy away from the obvious?

Shouldn’t we be expecting a radiation prevention technology before running the 5G network whose radiation strength is said to be 10 times stronger than that of 4G? Whats your take on the 5G network controversy? Over to you!

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