Google’s Free Wifi Project For Nigerians!

Google’s Free Wifi services project has got good vibes for Nigerians! At the launch, it promises to provide a fast, reliable and available free Wifi services for all within her large network of users across 5 Cities and 200 locations between now and 2019 according to the company’s country director in Nigeria.  Hopefully, this will be a revolutionary experience as it seems to be the best alternative to the problems associated with lower social media platform engagements due to slow internet, high cost of data among other factors.

Target Locations

The service is currently being enjoyed in Lagos in targeted locations like Ikeja City Mall, Computer Village, MMA2[Domestic Terminal], University of Lagos, GSM Plaza, The Land Mark Centre, The Palm Mall and the 21 Century Offices-HQ.  Apart from Lagos, this free Wifi service is intended to spread to other regions like the FCT Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan, Enugu, Kaduna and possibly more than we expect in 2019 and beyond.

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To achieve this, Google is partnering with 21st Century Technologies Nigeria’s biggest Fiber providers, Internet Service Providers, Network operators,  and a host of others. This is an extensive and far reaching project as it is not just targeted at Nigeria alone; other countries like India, Mexico, Indonesia, and Thailand are included in this.

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Google Cares About You

Google is constantly doing one thing or the other to better our lives’ online engagements socially and business wise. Google gives you blogger for free to blog about your passion, free Gmail account for your e-mails, free Google drive with 15GB space to organize and store your important files, Google photos to keep your pictures intact even if your device gets lost or crashes, Google analytics, Google search console webmaster tools, just to mention but few! What more can we ask for? In fact Google does it free like no other and more value adding products are soon landing!

How It Works

If you have dashed in to Lagos on a visit or that you even live there and have used this free Wifi service, you will notice that while trying to enter your URL or a user website address, you are first taken to a location other than where you will have preferred to land in and then you begin to see ads, then you are in again into where ever you wanted to be at first and at intervals you are here and there on the web! Well, this is actually how it’s made free for you. 

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What this means is that it is made free to you via the sponsored ads that runs on the web. The good part of this is that the free Wifi service is very fast, secure and smart as it offers up to 30Mbps (Megabit per second) compared to our 1.86 Mbps, this is just out of the moon experience and honestly we can’t wait to see this happening on a large coverage come 2019.

Data Packages:

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