Speed Up Slow Phones Performance The Best Way!

Want to speed up slow phone performance? Many people have had the issue of slow phone performance resulting in their inability to enjoy their phone due to the lagging situation. When this occurs, it takes too much time for the phone to run system apps or other stuffs you might want to check out on your device.  In this article, I will be revealing some helpful tips and tricks to get rid of this problem so you won’t need to bother about them anymore! For this problem to be completely dealt with, we will be considering the following factors in the list below one after the other, so lets dive into all of it right away! 

Primary Factors:

  • RAM (Random Access Memory) Size
  • Excessive Application Installations
  • Animation Optimization
  • Malicious Applications
  • Cache Files


Short for Random Access Memory, is a crucial element when it comes to speed management of a smartphone. It is what determines the speed of access, loading and recalling data as your phone is being operated. When the RAM is overloaded with activities beyond its capacity, your phone will definitely become slowed down. To find out if your phone’s RAM size is running out of space, you can do a simple RAM check to release or create some space so your phone can be faster. Depending on your phone type, to check your phone’s RAM space do the following:

After following steps above and you see that the space on your ram is less than 100 MB, then you will have to consider freeing up space by doing the following:  

Excessive Application Installations: 

A considerably large number of people get their phones overloaded with apps more than necessary. I have found this to be a problem for phones with lower RAM size. The next time you need a phone, go for the ones with up to 3GB RAM size and above to be on a good side.  So, the point here is that you need to go to settings and under applications or  manage applications and uninstall any app you don’t use. Note also that apps that are too large because of constant update requirements like the whatsapp, facebook apps and the likes, will sometimes need to be uninstalled and the lower or light weight ones could be downloaded and installed. For instance, I presently have whatsapp currently running in my tablet that is just 32MB while others can even consume 605MB of your RAM’s space.

Animation Optimization:  

In dealing with issues of lagging phones, you will sometimes have to make sacrifices which may include optimization for a freer and smarter phone experience especially for phones with lower RAM space like 1GB or lesser. To do this, simply go to your settings, display, and then change your live wallpaper from animated ones to static type. When you have done that, then go to “About” still under settings and locate “built number” and tap on it seven times or more until the words “you are now a developer appears”.  Now go back to settings again and look for developer options and open it, then look for “animator duration scale” and set it on 0.5x or better still switch it off if you like as doing this will relief your RAM.

Malicious Applications: 

Most of the apps in different stores and market are not to be trusted. They some time pose a threat to our phones as a result of certain bug fix not yet implemented. Therefore, such apps can make phones become slowed down like snails or even drain your battery quickly.There are cases where some phones do shut down completely due to malicious apps among other things.

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To speed up slow phones, take it a step further by deleting either your browser and app cache files. Note that clearing your browser or app cache might result in the lose of passwords of forums or sites that you login. You will be required to re-enter your passwords, app and browser  information of sites visited.  So you might want to consider this before going ahead. To clear cache files from apps or browsers, simply go to settings, locate the apps management (installed apps or application) section of your phone, and click on it, when it opens up then click on any app, when it opens up, click on storage and finally you can clear cache or with data inclusive.

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