Optimize Your Phone For Apps Downloads

There are times when we are left with no other choice but to optimize our phones for some apps on the play  store that refuses to respond to download or installation. In this article you will be learning a few important things that will help with this problem. Just in case you have given up on your phone, do not quit yet. Try and understand the details in this guide so as to figure out what you will need to do best.

Optimize Your Phone

Want to optimize your phone? A lot of people don’t optimize their phones via updates.This is probably because they some time consider the fact that they will be losing out some browsing data from their subscription only to find out later that¬† they are faced with this problem that makes it impossible for them to download useful apps from the play store when they need it the most.¬†

Allow OTA [Over The Air] Update 

Do not fall to the temptation of ignoring phone software updates.¬† When you accept update, you optimize your phone and¬†improve speed. Updates saves you the unnecessary¬†pressure of¬† not being able to enjoy your phone. Updates are meant to optimize and keep your phone’s firmware in shape. Take note of “over the air updates”¬† and allow it run automatically. Always make sure you have at least 1.5GB of data or more and 40 to 50 per cent battery power before accepting updates.¬†

Do A Manual Update

I am not unaware also of the fact that most phone manufacturers do stop releasing OTA [over the air] updates for their previous phone models. They abandon most of their good phones before or after the launch of a new model is announced. This is a limitation that leaves you with one option, and that is the way of manual update. If you like you may call it an upgrade from a lower android version to a higher one: for example, android version 5.0 [Lollipop] to 6.0 [Marshmallow] or even 7.0 [Nougat] 8.0 [Oreo] and so on….¬†Doing a manual update and taking some other helpful steps can optimize your phone.¬† This requires that you download the official [stock] or non-official [custom] firmware and flash it in to your phone!

You can learn how to do it yourself using tools online depending on your phone type and model. Phones are not flashed the same way. Samsung users will need a tool called ODIN, Windows phone users will need WINDOWS RECOVERY TOOL, HTC, LG and the likes will need QDLOADER TOOL, Blackberry users will need BLACKBERRY BLEND/LINK, phones like Gionee, Tecno, Infinix and all other android phones with the Mediatek Chipset will easily be flashed with the powerful tool called SP FLASH TOOL [SMARTPHONE FLASH TOOL].  If your phone is running on a Spreadtrum platform chipset you will need something like RESEARCH DOWNLOAD TOOL. This is a great tool that deals with spreadtrum based chipset phones.

Rooting Your Phone

Sometimes, you might just find out that the phone flash firmware you have downloaded is not useful probably because it is the last update for your phone model! what do you do then if this happens? Well, the last  option is that you will have to buy a new phone with a higher android version and with a good ram speed as an added advantage!  

If due to economic factors you are unable to buy a new phone, there is this one other thing you can opt in for, and that is called rooting and unlocking bootloader ¬†to flash a third party firmware on your phone, doing this can optimize or upgrade¬†your android version from 4.3 to even 7.0 if you so wish! I can imagine¬†you smiling¬†now with some hope rising, right? But wait a minute…. are you sure you want to do that? ¬†

Rooting¬†automatically unlock all your phone’s potential like greater user experience, better themes, improved battery life, upgraded android¬†version etc.¬† The only problem here when you do this is that you will automatically lose your phone’s warranty and your phone will also become vulnerable to attack especially online attack as hackers will easily break through your privacy and this could be dangerous for people who transact with their phones. Furthermore, using a higher custom ROM or firmware on a phone that has low RAM space to compensate for the multitasking operation may come with some backdrops that could mar user experience!

Did you find this article helpful? Do you have any optimization issue you successfully dealt with or need some help with that you will like to let others know about in comment below?

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