Huawei’s Replacement OS, Rumored 60% Faster Than Google’s Android, Can You Believe It?

Huawei’s replacement OS is now in focus owing to the mixed reactions amidst the trade war that spurred up between Huawei and the US which led to the blacklisting of Huawei and over 140 other companies from having direct access to purchase both software and integral hardware componets parts without approval from the US government.

There is no gainsaying that Huawei’s device depends heavily on the supply of hardwares and softwares from manufacturers like ARM, Micron Technologies, Intel and Google, but all of that is changing already with the Huawei’s replacement OS. From what we know, Huawei phones will no longer have access to all the popular apps in Google’s Play Store which includes gmail, docs, chrome, etc

While Huawei is yet to recover from the big blow, it was reported that Facebook joined a host of other tech companies to boycott business as usual with Huawei which to us should signal the possibility that Facebook might be or is already one of those social media platforms that will be missing in the upcoming Huawei’s phones!

Despite all of these dark clouds around this giant tech coy, the CEO Ren Zenghfein seem not to be perplexed or moved by all of the threats to the company, but assures her consumers that they already saw this coming and are prepared for it!

Now, the big hit here is that Huawei is warming up to deploy something unusual into the market that is rumored to be 60% per cent faster than the Google’s Android OS!
The Huawei’s replacement OS (operating system) that will replace the popular Android OS had been registered by Huawei and code named Hongmeng which is reported to have gone through thorough series of testings in colab with the Huawei’s staff and teams from the Tencent, Oppo and Vivo manufacturers….Possibly the delayed foldable Huawei’s Mate X might ship with the OS.

When this new product finally land, consumers of the Huawei devices will have to make big sacrifices for the transition into a world without android. However, users might have alternative to using android apps still by side-loading: a means of downloading and installing apps that are not shipped by diffault. Personally, I do enjoy Huawei phones, but am still wondering and waiting for the magic that is about to happen!

In the past weeks, top Chinese executives and fans of iPhones abandoned their iPhones for Huawei’s products saying that “it’s a kind of embarrassing for one to be even using an iPhone in the public” signaling that the transition is already happening.

Now over to you! Are you sticking around or saying goodbye? Be honest…

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