Microsoft Announces Surface Duo, A Foldable Android Smartphone For 2020

The announcement of Microsoft’s Surface Duo Foldable Android smartphone by the renowned Microsoft company with reputation in softwares and PC computers innovation, and an age long search engine called Bing, appears to be a movement in the right direction, though she had had an unfair share voice in the smartphone industry years back when compared to other popular brands!

However, the failures of the single screen foldable phone by the Samsung’s Galaxy Fold seem to be a source of inspiration to do something different and possibly better thereby avoiding same pitfalls.

Back in 2018, Samsung was close in preparation for the launch of her 2019 trendy Samsung’s Galaxy Fold smartphone which was met with a bit of disappointment on the part of consumers and reviewers of the long awaited Galaxy Fold. 

Huawei also was spotted to have treaded same path with the announced Huawei’s Mate X which was paused as a result of Samsung’s bad experience which prompted their going back to the drawing board to fix up the breakage experienced by the early reviewers of the Galaxy Fold devices!

The foldability of the Microsoft’s own Surface Duo is a shift from the conventional single foldable LCD screen display technology. Surface Duo got a dual separate screen display that had the ability to fold both inward and outward. The both screens are independent, but can spread or expand images or video clips across the both screen as one….is that not amazing? The hinges that connects both screen and their separate panels seem to be of more advantage when compared to the purely foldable one that is prone to breakage!

According to CNet, the Galaxy fold was put to a test of foldability with an expected return of a 200,000 fold, but unfortunately, they began to see it breaking up after it got about 120,000 foldability stress test. 

That not withstanding, there is no way one would have thought that users will often be opening and folding back their devices that much. Owing to this fact it is believed that it might last longer than what the test demonstrated. According to the test, breaking at 120,000th fold will mean that the foldability will last about three years of usage!

Further more, we think that come 2020, the launch or release of this future foldable device might mark a new phase in the Microsoft’s share of voice in the smartphone arena!

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